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06 September 2016
08 August 2018
IRP B2B – The Best-In-Class Solution for Mid-Market Businesses

IRP B2B provides an enterprise-grade, top-quality experience for B2B businesses

The IRP B2B platform transforms online business for B2B companies. Using proven, state of the art ecommerce features and advanced customer acquisition, conversion and retention systems, the IRP platform has taken opportunities in B2B ecommerce to a whole new level.

B2B businesses can reach out globally to other businesses using any language, currency or payment method. They can easily customise their trade sites using country-specific imagery and messaging. They can create customised price lists for individual trade customers in different countries or currencies and they can design and issue invoices using highly-effective templates.

IRP B2B is the best-in-class solution for mid-market businesses. For IRP clients, the benefits of IRP B2B are not theoretical; they are being experienced every day. Here are some of the key features.

Customer Account Creation & Validation

  • Allow trade customers to create their own account via your website.
  • Validate trade customer accounts or suspend them.
  • Fully manage customer accounts, including tax/VAT numbers, tax-exempt status, credit limits and discounts offered, drop-shipping status and logo, associated price lists, product export status and more.
  • Set up system emails that are sent automatically when a trade customer’s password is reset.
  • Rank customers according to their spend history.

Custom Trade Price Lists

  • Configure customised price lists for different groups of trade customers.
  • Define price lists for specific countries and for specific currencies.
  • Define additional price lists as a percentage-off from a ‘parent’ price list.
  • Configure product restrictions by brand and category or a combination of both.
  • Easily assign trade customers to price lists in bulk.
  • Allow customers to download price lists.

Custom Trade Invoice Templates

  • Create and configure customised invoices for different trade customers.
  • Define invoice templates for specific countries.
  • Design templates and add logos and imagery using HTML and CSS and include built-in placeholder variables covering all elements of a professional trade invoice.

Drop Shipping Support

  • Allow drop shipping for individual trade customers.
  • Set drop-shipping status to ‘Requested’, ‘Enabled’ or ‘Not Enabled’.
  • Allow customers to upload drop shipping logos to their account to be included on invoices.
  • Allow customers to enter an end-customer’s delivery address for orders.

Quantity Discount Support

  • Offer discounts for volume purchases.
  • Link quantity breaks to price lists.

Product Export Support

  • Allow individual trade customers to download an extended product summary file, including imagery and descriptions, and upload it to their website.

Credit Limits for Trade Customers

  • Establish credit limits for individual trade customers. Customers and IRP Admin Users can view balances on their accounts.
  • Define how credit limits are assigned to trade customers — based on outstanding balance or by setting a maximum value for each order, both as a site-wide default and on a customer-by-customer basis.

Fully Customisable & Translatable Interface

  • Create a fully distinct B2B portal.
  • Customise all areas of the website, including navigation, using HTML and CSS and associated imagery and logos.
  • Fully translate the website into any language active in the system.
  • Define trade-specific search engine optimisation (SEO).

Trade Customer Email and Catalogue Profiles

  • Set up multiple email profiles for trade customers.
  • Configure a specific email profile as the default profile that trade customers subscribe to when they join a mailing list.
  • Create multiple profiles for trade catalogue recipients, to which customers can subscribe via your website.

Trade Customer Vouchers

  • Offer percentage-off discount vouchers to specific trade customers.
  • Auto-generate voucher codes.

Product Visibility Limitation

  • Limit the products that trade customers can view or buy when they log in to the trade portal.
  • Limit product visibility by brand and category or a combination of both.
  • Hide prices until customers are logged in.

Trade-Specific Telesales

  • Take and place orders for trade customers over the phone.
  • Look up trade customers by postcode, email or business name.
  • Take over a trade customer’s basket to make the product selection process easier.
  • ‘Park’ a telesale in order to take another call and then resume the original telesale at a later date.
  • Create telesales ‘prompts’ to display information or questions at specific stages of the telesales order process.

Trade Order Management

  • Easily manage trade orders through an intuitive sequence of steps from Approved to Complete.
  • Raise invoices for trade orders and raise multiple invoices per trade order.
  • Allow or require customers to add Purchase Order IDs to trade orders so that they can be added to invoices for tracking purposes.
  • Allow pre-orders for upcoming products or backorders for out of stock items.
  • Allow customers to add Order Notes when placing an order.
  • Allow customers to view their purchase history and make duplicate orders.
  • Receive alerts for new trade orders, trade customers requiring approval, orders missing invoices, overdue invoices, drop shipping requests awaiting approval and product export requests awaiting approval.


  • Set up integrations for stock, products, orders and more in accounting and CRM software.

Import and Export Trade Data

  • Bulk import trade customer details, including their account status, price lists, credit limits and drop shipping status.
  • Export trade data for price lists, product restrictions, quantity discounts and sales ranks.

B2B Licence

  • To purchase an IRP licence to use the B2B Platform, speak to your IRP Account Manager or Systems Integrator salesperson.


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