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Being IRP Accredited and What It Can Do For You!

22 November 2016

Being IRP Accredited and What It Can Do For You!

Becoming ‘IRP Accredited’ is something that all customers and partners are highly encouraged to do by IRP Commerce and your Systems Integrator.

But what do we mean when we say ‘IRP Accredited’?

In a nutshell, becoming IRP Accredited involves you, as a customer or partner, completing a number of IRP-related exams in the IRP Academy in an effort to increase your overall knowledge of how the IRP ecommerce platform works.

There are 15 exams in total and these cover all the main elements that IRP Admin users will encounter on a daily basis:

  1. Foundation In Ecommerce
  2. Foundation in the IRP Platform
  3. User Administration
  4. Product Data Management
  5. Customer Management
  6. Order Processing
  7. Shipping
  8. Payment Processing
  9. Interface & Design
  10. Email Marketing
  11. EPOS Systems
  12. IRP Configuration
  13. Back End Functionality
  14. Front End Functionality
  15. Integrations

To help you to successfully pass these exams, you will have access to:

  • The IRP Knowledge Base. This is a massive repository of information consisting of articles and videos detailing all the functionality available to you. Not only that, you can find FAQs and ‘How To’ articles that will help you get the most out of your platform.
  • Self-service training and the IRP Training instance. There are several training schedules available, covering the basics of using the Admin interface, managing products and orders, configuring shipping, importing data and so forth. You can get hands-on experience by using the IRP Training instance which is kept up to date with the most recent version of IRP software.
  • The IRP Strategy Centre. This contains constructive, relevant and expert content to inspire IRP customers and encourage them to grow their business. Some of the IRP Academy exams draw directly from the content of Strategy Centre articles.

What are the benefits of becoming IRP Accredited?

  • Great introduction to how your IRP Platform performs and what it is capable of.
  • Increased internal knowledge within your organisation.
  • Efficiency from understanding what features exist and how they work.
  • Gives your company an internal reference point in case a member of staff requires some support.
  • Removes myths and misinformation — e.g. ‘this is not possible therefore we haven’t done it’.
  • Opens up teams to more possibilities — ‘Now that I know how this works, I can trial the idea I’ve had!!’
  • Your Systems Integrator makes efficiency gains so more time can be spent by Support and Account Management teams on strategy, reporting and analytics as opposed to basic ‘How to’ instructions.
  • It means that your team and your Systems Integrator team know the possibilities of the system, both understand how to maximise them and both are aligned in their approach to growing sales.
  • And perhaps the most important one — ALL THE ABOVE MAKES MORE SALES.

OK, where can I find the IRP Academy?

You can find the IRP Academy here in IRP World. You will find links on the home page to self-service training and all of the exams contain links to relevant Knowledge Base and Strategy Centre articles.


Anonymous - Good article Darren.
23 Nov 2016 16:49
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