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IRP DeepAgent AI Official Launch

10 February 2016

January proved to be a busy month for IRP Commerce as we officially launched our Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, DeepAgent™ to key stakeholders.

The Northern Ireland Science Park provided the perfect backdrop to launch such exciting technology as it is a hub for some of Northern Ireland’s most innovative companies.

IRP DeepAgent AI Official Launch

Movers and shakers from the worlds of tech, digital marketing, AI and ecommerce attended the event to hear how the IRP Commerce platform — which has transacted more than £1 billion in ecommerce sales for UK and Irish companies — has taken another huge leap forward with the development of DeepAgent™.

IRP DeepAgent AI Official Launch

To a captivated audience, IRP Commerce founder Daniel Loughlin explained how DeepAgent™ analyses data in order to learn the actions that lead to more sales and profitability. DeepAgent™ works on behalf of the ecommerce business to predict and then guide the moves that the company needs to make in order to maximise its online sales.

Daniel explained how DeepAgent™ mines and analyses data in the IRP Cloud and uses statistical and Machine Learning algorithms to learn which steps lead to increased sales. This data is then fed back to the company so that they can identify what to do next — thus removing the speculation associated with ecommerce sales.

Daniel said, “DeepAgent helps companies to get as much value out of their websites as possible to drive sales and profits”. He explained how AI in the sphere of ecommerce works off pattern matching and how DeepAgent™ “visualises, predicts and intervenes to close sales on an ecommerce site. Ultimately DeepAgent monitors probabilities and uses the data to maximise sales”.

IRP DeepAgent AI Official Launch

We were also joined at the launch by Dr Norman Apsley, Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Science Park. He is delighted with the work we are doing in this space and with how we are playing our part to highlight this subject to the world. Dr Apsley noted how “Machines process lots of data, which is then turned into information and then it’s the humans who turn this information into knowledge”.

The overall message from the launch event was that DeepAgent™ AI provides huge possibilities for ecommerce companies and — if they realise that this is a tool for maximising sales — they can go far.

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