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01 January 2016

What is the IRP World?

IRP World is an information and education hub with networking services for IRP customers.

It provides you with a comprehensive database of tailored, relevant information, industry advice and expert connections, in order to progress your career using the IRP.

It supplies you with the necessary tools to make your ecommerce business more profitable.

IRP World: Knowledge Base – Strategy Centre – Resource Centre

The three main sections of the IRP World are:

  • The Knowledge Base
    The Knowledge Base is like a practical ‘How-To’ user guide for each feature of the IRP.
  • The Strategy Centre
    The Strategy Centre is like a ‘Best Practice’ guide containing regular articles and research relating to the world of ecommerce.
  • The Resource Centre
    The Resource Centre provides connections to relevant resources, training, domain experts and industry experts in each geographical location. We like to call it the ‘LinkedUP’ resource tool that is specific to the world of IRP.

Categories in the IRP World Resource Centre

The categories in the IRP World Resource Centre include:

  • IRP Systems Integrators (SIs)
    The companies that set up IRP platforms for businesses.
  • IRP World Members
    Anyone who signs up to the IRP World.
  • Service Providers
    Approved companies that can provide expertise in certain areas, for example PPC or Email Marketing, Consultancy, Design — in fact all services required in ecommerce.
  • Industry Connections
    Companies integrated or associated with the IRP platform (for example Google, WorldPay, Royal Mail, Realex etc.).

Once you link with these people and companies through the IRP World, you can utilise their specific skill-set and apply it to help improve the area of your business that needs additional support. Although all people and companies in this section will be vetted, you will also have an opportunity to endorse them on their success, so as to provide useful information to other IRP World users. As the IRP World grows and develops, more Professionals and Service Providers are joining the network.

Who Should Join IRP World?

IRP World is aimed at company owners, Ecommerce Managers – in fact, any person using the IRP and involved in the day-to-day running of an online business.

What are the Benefits of IRP World?

You will have access to the resources that you need to succeed with help that is just a click away. You will also have the ability to see the IRP Development Roadmap and the opportunity to vote and influence the direction of the IRP Technology platform.

The world of ecommerce moves extremely quickly and it is key to keep on top of what is happening in your market. Once logged in to the IRP World, you can receive regular alerts, tailored to suit each specific business challenge. You can get access to help, practical online support and training for each feature of the IRP. You can access key, current industry facts and figures, providing metrics for your business decisions.

For users of the IRP Platform, with the IRP World –
help is just one click away.

Note: The original version of this article was published in 2014.

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