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08 December 2017

Make the IRP Road Map Work For You

The IRP Road Map is your guide to all future IRP developments.

By adding IRP Road Map Feature Suggestions, IRP World members are helping to shape the future of the IRP platform. The better these suggestions are, the more insight they give into the direction that the user base needs to see the product evolve.

IRP Commerce are working every day not only to improve the IRP Ecommerce platform, but also to improve the visibility over IRP Road Map developments.

All IRP World members will have seen this progress over the course of the last couple of weeks. A lot of work has gone into how changes are displayed and tracked on the IRP World and those of you who have already contributed to the roadmap will have received a number of updates on your Feature Suggestions and their progress towards development.

We've made numerous changes, all with a view to further improving the visibililty of your specific suggestions and their progress through the development process. New statuses have been introduced to ensure complete transparency and suggestions are now reviewed and triaged on a monthly basis with automatic emails going out to all those who like or create a Feature Suggestion.

These changes have been introduced to make sure you're kept up to date with the direction of core developments.

Before adding suggestions, it’s important to understand how IRP Commerce will triage these for development.

How Feature Suggestions are Reviewed

Feature Suggestions are reviewed on a regular basis and evaluated based on popularity, complexity, return on investment and their potential impact on the client base revenues.

It's understandable that IRP users will have a lot of great ideas that they would like implemented ‘tomorrow’, but on the client side it’s also important to understand that there is a current IRP Development Road Map and new suggestions cannot be added without pushing other items down the queue.

In this respect, we do request patience and understanding regarding new Feature Suggestions. It’s also important to remember that even though you have not specifically suggested some of the features that are ahead of yours in the queue, you will always fully benefit from them when they are released.

As such, whilst it cannot be guaranteed that every specific suggestion will be acted upon, we can guarantee that every month (generally on the third Tuesday) your IRP will be improved and updated with a view to improving efficiency and revenues.

All IRP customers will always be updated to the latest IRP Version, so there's an amazing amount of improvements that you'll see pushed out every month.

How to add IRP Feature Suggestions

For comprehensive details of how to use the Feature Suggestions area of IRP World, see the Strategy Centre article Contribute to the IRP Road Map.

There are three things we’d encourage you to do when you are adding suggestions:

  • When you’re adding your suggestion, please ensure that it has not already been requested by another user. You can check this by using the 'Search' field at the top of the Feature Suggestions list. If it has already been added, simply add a comment and give it a ‘like’ to bump it up the list.
  • If you’re adding a new suggestion, try to explain in detail how this will benefit your company sales and/or efficiencies. The more detail you about the feature here the better. It will allow IRP Commerce to evaluate the suggestion without extra information and it will also be clearer for other IRP users and encourage them to place their vote against the suggestion.
  • Once you’ve added your suggestions, circulate the IRP Road Map suggestions link throughout your company team. If other members of your company review all suggestions on a regular basis and vote for those that are key to your company, their visibility will be raised for IRP Commerce to review.

We hope that you find the above information helpful and we look forward to your suggestions to help keep improving the IRP.

Again, please bear with us as we work through the current suggestions - we've a little bit of catching up to do after all the big ticket development items that were carried out in 2017 as part of the IRP V5 Release, but rest assured we are working through these with extreme vigour (and additional resource) as we move into 2018.

Note: The original version of this article was published in September, 2016.

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Anonymous - Good article Chris. The IRP is trying to be as open as possible with Development outside of RnD. There is some great development in progress and this area of the IRP World will continue to improve.
09 Dec 2016 12:47
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