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IRP Insights Terminal

NOTE: Speak to your Systems Integrator about acquiring an IRP Licence for the IRP Insights Terminal (IIT).

IRP Admin Real Time Insights screen

The IIT uses IRP primary data, IRP Cloud data, machine learning and AI to generate precise, relevant and instantly actionable Intelligent Insights.

  • Integrated fully with your IRP
    No plugins, no setup time, no false starts.
  • Exists to increase your sales
    Laser focused on revenue & profit growth.
  • Has full access to every primary IRP data point
    IRP data is the richest and most important data set available.
  • Analyses Service Provider performance
    Provides unbiased ranking analysis of your providers.
  • Benchmarks against the IRP Cloud
    Provides comparative data for a true barometer of progress.
  • Includes Costs, Margin, Stock Value & CPA% data
    Essential monetary statistics to help steer your strategy.
  • Generates Intelligent Insights
    Precise, relevant & instantly actionable.
  • Incorporates Machine Learning and AI
    Becomes increasingly effective at closing sales.
  • A system that gets ever smarter
    Continually improves via reinforcement learning.
  • Insights aligned in your interests
    Actions are built around your business interests not any 3rd party interests.

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