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Stock Location Closures

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You can find this section under Stock Control > Stock Location Closures in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use this section to let your customers know if some days their chosen Click & Collect collection location will be closed, or if the location will be open for pick-ups only between certain times and so forth.

The main Stock Locations screen shows several details for each of your locations in a separate row:

Stock Location Closures screen

The screen displays the following details:

  • Location Name: This is the Click & Collect location to which the closure applies.
  • Start Time: This is the start time of the closure.
  • End Time: This is the end time of the closure.
  • Repeat: This is how often the closure will be repeated (no repeat, weekly, monthly, yearly).
  • Delete Closure: If you want to delete a closure, check the box and click the Delete Selected Closures button.

Adding Closures

To add closures, see the How To Add or Edit a Stock Location Closure article later in this section.

Stock Location Closures Calendar

If stock location closures have been configured in your system, you can view the calendar for the closures by clicking the View Closures Calendar button at the top of the screen. This presents you with the following view:

Stock Location Closures Calendar

As you can see, any closures are highlighted in the calendar.

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