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Beyond Predictive Intelligence with IRP DeepAgent

Intelligent growth with data

DeepAgent™ helps ecommerce companies to acquire, convert and retain more customers

DeepAgent™ compares a company’s digital marketing performance with the rest of the market and reports on whether the company is overperforming or underperforming. DeepAgent™ will reach out via email or phone call to key individuals within the company to provide details of the revenue that the company is making or losing on their marketing and also which service provider could potentially run their marketing channels better than their existing provider.

DeepAgent™ aims to know the price of everything and the value of everything that it sees in ecommerce, turning the information into numbers it can understand. DeepAgent™ automatically takes corrective action to increase sales — at the micro level of the individual customer or at the macro level of suggesting to the business decision makers what moves they should make to increase sales.

“What I want to know is: what move do I make next to make the most money? Even better — can you make that move for me?”

Advanced Analytics

DeepAgent™ empowers you to visualise, predict and intervene


DeepAgent™ accurately computes the probability that a visitor or customer will make a purchase, based on many variables including their existing data and purchase history, their location, language, device and current real-time behaviour.


DeepAgent™ allows the IRP system to intervene in a way of your choosing to increase the likelihood of closing a sale. DeepAgent™ is constantly learning to improve accuracy and to make your online business more money.


Insight must be acted on to produce results. DeepAgent™ outputs information specifically relating to your business, making predictions, detailing precisely where you are making money and where you are losing revenue.


Act on the Insights generated by DeepAgent™ and you can achieve spectacular results. DeepAgent™ technology allows you to grow and act decisively, putting your time and energy into the right actions at precisely the right time.

How DeepAgent Works

Precise reporting, a highly-regulated ecosystem and market comparisons are key for success in ecommerce.

DeepAgent™ measures all of the core elements in your ecommerce operation, compares the results with the general market and reaches out to you directly and personally with actionable insights.

It takes performance-rated specialist partners to succeed online.

DeepAgent™ knows which service providers are proven by results and by experience and that — crucially — will be a perfect fit for your company, allowing you to expand and build an increasingly successful online business.

Measurable Benefits

All of our customers enjoy the full benefits of DeepAgent™ Lost Revenue Analysis. This adds a crucial dimension to financial reporting: results are compared to targets, to history and to a real externally-driven potential figure.

DeepAgent™ empowers business owners, financial directors and ecommerce managers to understand where their sales are coming from, how to increase sales and, ultimately, how to grow into a successful, international business.

DeepAgent learns the sequences of moves that increase sales, lets you know what moves to make next and who should make them.

DeepAgent™ can work on your behalf as a sales agent to manipulate individual customer sessions, to engage directly with customers or entice them with personalised and effective offers. For IRP clients, DeepAgent™ has taken opportunities in ecommerce to a whole new level.

DeepAgent™ has generated growth rates in excess of 100% for IRP clients by suggesting very practical actions, simple adjustments to traffic channels and precision conversion techniques. For IRP clients, DeepAgent™ benefits are not theoretical; they are being experienced every day.

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