IRP Insights Terminal
IRP Insights Terminal
To succeed in ecommerce, the key is to know how to act to increase profits. Using machine learning, the IIT turns your data into revenue-generating, profit-boosting actions in real time.
IIT Insights are unique


They guide revenue & work in your interest



They can be actioned at the click of a button



They benchmark core trading metrics with the IRP Cloud



They use IRP primary data to inform intelligence

IIT benefits
The IRP Insights Terminal constantly calculates who and what is providing value. It is comparable to having a team of top ecommerce consultants analysing your data 24/7, saving you a fortune in professional fees


IRP Insights Terminal

Integrated fully with your IRP
No plugins, no setup time, no false starts

Exists to increase your sales
Laser focused on revenue & profit growth

Has full access to every primary IRP data point
IRP data is the richest and most important data set available

Analyses Service Provider performance
Provides unbiased ranking analysis of your providers

Benchmarks against the IRP Cloud
Provides comparative data for a true barometer of progress

Includes Costs, Margin, Stock Value & CPA% data
Essential monetary statistics to help steer your strategy

Generates Intelligent Insights
Precise, relevant & instantly actionable

Incorporates Machine Learning and AI
Becomes increasingly effective at closing sales

A system that gets ever smarter
Continually improves via reinforcement learning

Insights aligned in your interests
Actions are built around your business interests not any 3rd party interests

DeepAgent™ Technology
Deep Agent Logo
The machine learning and AI technology in the IIT is called IRP DeepAgent™. The objective of DeepAgent is to help you acquire, convert and retain more customers by...
Analysing hidden patterns in the primary data generated by your business, extracting the high-value information and advising you on the optimal macro strategy to adopt.
Working on your behalf as a sales agent to manipulate individual customer sessions, engage directly with customers or entice them with personalised and effective offers.
Suggesting very practical actions, simple adjustments to traffic channels and precision conversion techniques in order to positively and continually impact your growth rate.
IRP Insights Terminal turns data into revenue
IRP Insights Terminal screen

The IIT cuts through the confusion of ecommerce, removing the complexity surrounding online selling and allowing you to focus entirely on your sales and profits.

Whether you are a business owner, financial director, ecommerce manager or digital marketer, the IIT empowers you to truly understand where your sales are coming from, how to supercharge your revenues and, ultimately, how to accelerate your growth into a successful, international business.

Act on the insights generated by the IIT and you can achieve spectacular results.

What customers are saying about the Insights Terminal
“IRP Insights represents one of the most powerful innovations I have seen in the last twenty years of business information technology and ecommerce ... The IIT Intelligence Inbox alone is just one element of a growing set of insightful and comparative tools from IRP that allows all online stakeholders (be they owners, managers, investors, advisers or providers) to follow, learn, benefit from, and grow sustainably via intelligent data and fact-based revenue recommendations based on verified historical performance, as opposed to subjective opinion.”
Alan Skelton, Founder and Director, Digital Ignition
IRP Customer Image
Over £1 Billion in
PPC Sales managed
“From day one, the Insights Terminal has added value. The technology has a unique ability to pinpoint specific actions we can take to increase our sales. It keeps our trading team focussed on sales and puts sales actions at the core of the ecommerce platform. In key areas like international sales, the Insights Terminal is uncovering information that is increasing the bottom line of the company. Already it is a key part of our team's toolkit.”
Colin Christie, CEO, Christies Direct
IRP Customer Image
World's 2nd largest
dog grooming suppliers
IRP Customer Image
UK's fastest-growing
online fishing retailer
“Sales growth and profit are fundamental to our business. We are now the fastest-growing, independently-owned fishing retail site in the UK. The key to outperforming our competition is working smarter and more efficiently: that's why we use the Insights Terminal. It is unique in e-commerce – it identifies trading opportunities for products at real-time speed. Our sales keep increasing as we act on the intelligence information it produces. The Insights Terminal is an indispensable part of our trading technology, enabling us to stay ahead of the market.”
David Burleigh, CEO, Fishing Tackle & Bait
IRP Customer Image
UK's largest
online camping store
“The Insights Terminal has been instrumental in us learning where to focus our ecommerce strategy. It includes a set of tools that allow us to see clearly how our ecommerce works and what actions we need to take to make more profits and grow the business, not only domestically but globally too. Previous analytics applications led to more questions than answers and never helped us to find the solution that increased our revenue. The Insights Terminal has enabled us to trade more efficiently and focus our attention in the right areas, giving us a sustainable, competitive advantage over our competition.”
Nathan Hyde, CEO, Camping World

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