Maximise Revenues and Profits with the IRP

Choosing a software service, such as an email provider, a stock control system or an EPOS system, is not a ‘pivot-point’ choice for a company.

However, procuring commerce technology is different. It is a major investment for a company. Choosing commerce technology is a choice unlike any other because it affects sales more than any other technology choice. The commerce technology is the centre point where all sales channels converge.

The technology choice is therefore a ‘pivot-point’ choice. Companies must invest in the right platform.


It is essential to invest in a platform that covers the core requirements for conducting business in a connected world — natively and internationally. Your platform must be capable of covering single and multiple channels. You need:

– A system that can manage every part of the commerce chain.
– A system that you can move to all at once or over time.
– A system that you cannot outgrow.
– A system that is secure.
– A system that keeps pace with major developments.
– A system that is built for sales.

The IRP Commerce platform is a SME-to-mid-market platform that has the power of Tier 1 technology. It gives smaller companies the enterprise capability that the larger organisations have in IBM, hybris and Oracle ATG.

“The IRP has enabled Camping World to be a profitable multichannel retailer. Its systems and software has enabled us to grow the business and the efficiency of the service has enabled our sales team to give necessary information directly to customers.”

Michael Cloake, CEO, Camping World
UK’s leading independent camping retailer

In the age of connected commerce,
choosing the right platform is the most important choice
you will make.


Your investment in ecommerce technology is in more than just the technology itself. You need a support ecosystem that provides the training and development that is essential for you to succeed.

The IRP solution provides both the technology and the ecosystem. The IRP World ecosystem is not simply a collection of people; it’s an environment where you find the right services and participate in effective, accredited training.

“We evaluated a number of platform options prior to choosing the IRP. In terms of overall capabilities, design flexibility and ease-of-use, the IRP outclassed all other options presented to us. In addition to this, the shared revenue scheme provided us with the peace-of-mind that there would be added incentive to make the website work well for both parties.”

Marc Wilson, Web Manager, Gael Force Marine
The fastest growing marine equipment supplier in the UK

The IRP has transacted over £1 billion by IRP customers.

The IRP has securely transacted over £1 million in a 24-hour period for a single client.

The IRP has enabled sales in more than 170 countries.

The IRP has managed every type of sale — including web, mobile, telesales and EPOS — using every significant payment type, in all major currencies and languages.


– The IRP is truly multichannel. The IRP can handle a single sales channel or multiple sales channels, connecting customers’ digital and physical touch points by providing real-time integration of web, stock control, EPOS, phone and mobile. The IRP will seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

– The IRP is capable. The technology incorporates every feature that you need to run a successful online business. It is used daily by people all over the world.

– The IRP is scalable. It doesn’t matter how many transactions are occurring on your website at one time, or how many countries, languages and currencies are involved — the IRP will handle everything seamlessly.

– The IRP is proven. It has been tried and tested for more than a decade. Designed, developed and refined by experts, you can depend on the IRP as the platform for your business. You will never need to replatform.

In a word, the IRP is trusted. That’s what you need from business-critical software when huge amounts of money are being transacted. It’s what you need if you want to attract new customers and keep your existing customers coming back for more.

It’s what you need if you are going to outperform your competition.

Commerce for a Connected World

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