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Feed Specifications

The Feed Specification section of the IRP allows you to edit feed details as well as browse or edit the SQL query used to populate the feed.

The FeedSpecifications.aspx page appears as follows:

IRP Admin image

You can see the following details:

  • ID: The unique identifier for the feed specification, added automatically by IRP Admin.
  • Active: Only Active feeds will be active on the Feeds page.
  • Name: The Admin name of the feed.
  • Country ISO: The country ISO for the feed.
  • Type: The feed type - Product, Stock or Other.
  • Delimiter: How the data is delimited - tab (TSV), comma (CSV), pipe or XML (if the SQL in the Feed Specification outputs XML).
  • Columns in First Row: Whether or not this specification has columns in the first row (True/False).
  • Sales Last 30 Days: This is the total value of sales generated by this feed specification in the last 30 days.
  • Created: The date and time when the specification was created.
  • Added From IRP World: Whether or not this specification was added from IRP World (True/False).
  • Version: If available, this is the specific version of the specification.
  • Edit: Click this button to edit a specification. For more details, see the How To Add A New Feed Specification article in this section.

At the top of the page you can use the Download Feed Specifications button. You can click this button to update your specification list with the latest version from IRP World. This works by deleting the feed specifications which no longer exist in IRP World. This will also add any new feed specifications. There is also a 'Download Latest Feed Specifications' Common Task that automates this process. For more details, see the How To Add A New Feed Specification article in this section.

On the FeedSpecifications.aspx page you can see at a glance which specifications have been downloaded from IRP World by checking the 'Added From IRP World' column (True/False) and also the version number. When editing an IRP World feed specification, you can choose a specific version which, when saved, will not be overwritten when the latest version is downloaded via the button or common task but will in fact update the version selected if any changes are made to it.

Saving amount / percentage placeholders

Some feed specifications require a saving amount / percentage column to be displayed. Therefore, you can use the following savings amount and percentage placeholders alongside promotional pricing placeholders:

  • $$FINAL_SAVING$$ (This will always display a 0 if a saving is not available)
  • $$FINAL_SAVING_IF_PRESENT$$ (This will not display a value if a saving is not available)
  • $$FINAL_SAVING_PERCENTAGE$$ (This will always display a 0 if a saving is not available)
  • $$FINAL_SAVING_PERCENTAGE_IF_PRESENT$$ (This will not display a value if a saving is not available)

Notes on Google Shopping Feeds

The IRP can include the following attributes in Feed Specifications. Please contact your Systems Integrator and Google PPC Provider in order to upgrade your Google Shopping feed specifications in conjunction with your Shopping AdWords campaigns.


The IRP includes Model Season as a custom attribute in Feed Specifications to enable grouping in Google Shopping AdWords Campaigns. The possible error values are:

  • NoUrlPartsPresent: The required column 'url_parts' is not present in the data returned.
  • NotInDataSource: 'url_parts' is present but it does not contain a value for 'Season'
  • IncorrectFormat: The value for 'Season' should be a number
  • ValueNotRecognised: The value returned from the data source is a number but does not match a defined value in the IRP. The possible correct values are AllWeather - IRP Default / No Season Set / All Seasons Apply Spring Summer Autumn Winter.


Values for Percentage Margin and Actual Margin can be included in Feed Specifications for return in Feeds. This provides bid optimization in Google Shopping ad campaigns.

Sales Rank

The IRP can interpret a value into the final output of feeds for a Sales Rank. This allows best-selling products to be identified.

Offer Status

Google Shopping Feed Specifications in IRP have the ability to include the Offer Status of each individual item as a Custom Label. Custom Labels are an excellent way of grouping and optimizing Google Shopping Ad Campaigns.

How To Guides (2)

How To Manually Add A New Feed Specification
How to Edit a Feed Specification Downloaded from IRP World
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