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Our Answer to Unprofitable Ecommerce

The IRP Trading Terminal crunches billions of data points to find profit opportunities

Turning your data into revenue

Is your ecommerce team efficient? Have you multiple sources of data and analytics? Is this data set up to identify sales and profits in the most efficient way?

Making your data work for you

  • Increase conversion rates with proven actions
  • Identify trading patterns to increase sales
  • Identify traffic opportunities to increase visitors
  • Identify sales opportunities in real time
  • Profit-driven automation to transform bottom lines
Return on investment
Reduces cost of sale
Increases revenue opportunities
Trading Terminal White Paper
Trading Terminal White Paper
Proven technology for transforming ecommerce profits.

Crunching your data to find profits

The Trading Terminal has access to your IRP primary data and the IRP cloud data. It's simply not possible to get such a comprehensive set of metrics from any 3rd party platform.
  • The ITT is fully integrated with your IRP - switch on profits
  • The ITT is specific - analyse the product data, related order detail, product conversion rates, product margin, orders, sales and profits-related info all in the one area
  • The ITT is actionable - insights can be actioned at the click of a button
  • The ITT is comparative - ecommerce managers and owners can easily spot anomalies, make improvements, set goals and improve efficiency
  • The ITT works in real time - ecommerce is happening right now, don't miss the sales opportunity

Benefits for ecommerce owners & managers

Ecommerce owners and managers are busy and have a lot of tasks - the Trading Terminal streamlines their workflow, providing constant advice on where performance can be improved.
The Trading Terminal is good for ecommerce managers and it's good for owners - it provides efficiency by highlighting clear areas of action that impact on the bottom line.

Level 1 Features

Mission Control
Grasp the immediate status of your online operation and view comprehensive business metrics from one central dashboard.
Use IRP Cloud benchmarking data to measure performance and view unbiased ranking analysis of your service providers.
Service Marketplace
Know at a glance how your team and partners are using the IRP and reach out to them at the click of a button.
Sales Analytics
Forensically explore and understand your sales data and customer journeys to promote continual growth.
Reporting & Storyboards
Create highly-detailed, custom sales reports to measure the impact of your initiatives and drive your online strategy.

Level 2 Features

Intelligence Portal
Increase conversions, traffic and CLVs by acting on precise and instantly-available intelligence insights that cover thousands of aspects of your business, from channel opportunities to conversion optimisations, operational enhancements, product openings, and much more – the Trading Terminal reports on every action needed and offers an immediate solution.

Level 3 Features

Real Time Insights
View, analyse and replay customer activity as it happens to inform your decision making.
AI and Prediction Capabilities
Use AI and machine learning to predict purchase likelihoods and intervene in a way of your choosing.
AI Assisted Trading
Leverage the power of DeepAgent AI to detect and respond automatically to key selling opportunities.
Section Level Insights
Deeply understand the performance and operational status of key sections in IRP Admin.

“The Trading Terminal is an indispensable part of our trading technology, enabling us to stay ahead of the market.”

David Burleigh, CEO,
Fishing Tackle & Bait

“IRP Trading Terminal represents one of the most powerful innovations I have seen in the last twenty years of business information technology and ecommerce”

Alan Skelton, Founder and Director,
Digital Ignition

“It keeps our trading team focussed on sales and puts sales actions at the core of the ecommerce platform.”

Colin Christie, CEO,
Christies Direct

“The Trading Terminal has enabled us to trade more efficiently and focus our attention in the right areas, giving us a sustainable, competitive advantage over our competition.”

Nathan Hyde, CEO,
Camping World

“The Terminal makes ecommerce profit driven and fact based - it is unmatched ecommerce technology.”

Michael Curran, CEO,
Built for Growth Digital

Trading Terminal White Paper
Trading Terminal White Paper
Proven technology for transforming ecommerce profits.
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