NI Centre of Ecommerce Excellence
NI Centre of Ecommerce Excellence to the IRP
With transactions of over £1,000,000,000 to over 170 countries, IRP Commerce is working with key stakeholders to build a centre of ecommerce excellence in Northern Ireland.
Northern Ireland was at the forefront of empowering global commerce with shipbuilding.  With NICEe this opportunity to lead has arrived again.
Northern Ireland Export business transacted on the IRP Commerce Cloud

The IRP Commerce Cloud is the major ecommerce platform designed and developed in Northern Ireland.

To date, the IRP Ecosystem has securely transacted over £1 billion for Northern Irish businesses alone, in over 170 countries, using every significant payment type, in all major currencies and languages.

Some of the companies powered by IRP Commerce Cloud delivering inbound money and creating new jobs include:

Our mission

The recent trading arrangements have gifted Northern Ireland with a unique opportunity to become a world leading centre in ecommerce.

Our mission is to work with an ecosystem of partners and stakeholders to develop Northern Ireland as a centre of ecommerce excellence.

We are passionate about maintaining and extending Northern Ireland's reputation for innovation in ecommerce. Through NICEe together we can empower the NI digtial & business community by equipping them with the data and technology to succeed online to the benefit of Northern Ireland.

Partnering with the digital community in NI

To develop ecommerce capability, NI companies need the tools and the data to succeed. We must collaborate in order to capitalise on each other's strengths.

With the advantage of the trading arrangements - Northern Ireland can become a centre of ecommerce excellence by sharing digital expertise, leveraging IRP statistical data and clustering around the proven IRP Commerce Cloud and IRP Ecosystem as a common platform for shared success.

The objective is to bring inbound money.  This means building the ecommerce logistics, technology and service industries. This will create jobs and expertise - ultimately leading to Northern Ireland's reputation as being a world leading centre for ecommerce.

Northern Ireland as a centre of ecommerce excellence will benefit the economy, outlive any trading arrangements and leave a legacy the future.

Trading and Transaction volumes will be the quantitative measure of Northern Ireland's progression in what is a one of the world's largest and growing markets.

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