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Google Analytics 4 Operating Seamlessly on IRP

IRP Commerce Cloud is now fully integrated with Google Analytics 4
4 min read

Google Analytics 4 is operating seamlessly on the IRP

Google Analytics 4 is fully integrated IRP Commerce Cloud. Universal Analytics is being replaced by Google Analytics 4 and your current Universal Analytics account stops collecting data on the 1st July 2023.

Merchants will have access Universal Analytics data for at least six months but Google does encourage merchants to export the data before it is unavailable.

IRP invest 100K to seamlessly integrate Google Analytics 4  

Google Analytics 4 is a new platform it:

  • Collects website data to better understand the customer journey
  • Uses event-based data instead of session based
  • Connects directly to Google Ads

Google has shared the following article to highlight the differences between the data collected in Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4

Click here to view the Google Guide

First Party Data is the Only Accurate Data  

Google is an inaccurate tool and can only track approximately 50% of user data. Regulatory factors, GDPR and Apple’s recent iOS consent changes have further undermined Third Party data’s value, accuracy and legality.

Google will always play a part in the online world for Adword Tracking - but First Party data in IRP Trader is the only accurate single source of truth.

IRP Trader utilises first-party data to ensure consistent accuracy when measuring the performance of your ecommerce business. It gives you:

  • Sales, Margins and Profits in Real Time
  • Attribution and Channel Reporting
  • Actionable Intelligence, line item profit, stats and data from all aspects of ecommerce that really matters.

Read more about IRP's First Party Data...

IRP Google Analytics 4 Set Up Guide

** This guide assumes you are using Universal Analytics, and GTag for AdWords Conversion tracking - Universal Analytics and Adwords Conversion Tracking IDs will be automatically pulled from your old IRP Application Settings on release of the new GA4 logic

** Please ensure you are logged into an account with access to both Ads and Analytics for the domain

To upgrade your Universal Analytics property using the GA4 Setup Assistant in Analytics, and to link an existing Ads account to the new GA4 property:

  1. Login to Google Analytics
  2. From Accounts dropdown, select UA property you wish to migrate
  3. If you see a popup stating ‘This property will stop processing data starting 1 July 2023’, click ‘Go to Setup Assistant’ or alternatively, if you do not see a popup, click the ‘Admin’ cog on the bottom left hand corner of the screen and select ‘GA4 Setup Assistant’
  4. Click ‘Get Started’
  5. Underneath ‘Choose how to set up a Google tag’, select ‘Use the Google tag found on your website’ and click ‘Confirm’
  6. On the resultant page, click the ‘Go to your GA4 property’
  7. Mark each of the tasks below ‘Data collection’ and ‘Property settings’ as complete by clicking the arrow and selecting ‘Mark as complete’
  8. Underneath ‘Google Ads’, beside the ‘Link to Google Ads’ option, click the arrow and select ‘Manage Google Ads links’
  9. Select the Ads account you wish to link
  10. Go back to the Setup Assistant and mark the remaining ‘Google Ads’ options as complete by clicking the arrow and selecting ‘Mark as complete’
  11. To see your new GA4 Measurement ID, click Home and select the ID prefixed with {G-......}
  12. Go to the Application Settings page in your IRP Admin, select ‘Third Party - Google Analytics 4’ and paste the Measurement ID from Step 12 into the ‘Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID’ field, and tick the Enable Google Analytics 4 checkbox. Update the Application Settings
  13. We suggest using Tag Assistant to confirm that the events, including purchase and conversion on the Order Confirmation page, are firing and being sent to the correct places -
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