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IRP Campaign Checklist
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Creating campaigns in the run-up to key retail periods can often be rushed and important elements can easily be forgotten.

Ideally, you will have reviewed the research in your yearly marketing plan before the start of the quarter but, just in case, review your campaign objectives and promotion incentives here …

IRP Feature Suggestions
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IRP App Overview
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IRP App Features
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IRP Licences
There is a range of additional licenses available to IRP customers for features that have the potential to further elevate their revenues, outperform their competition and maximise their opportunities for success.
IRP Processes
For every IRP deployment we carry out, the key goal is to get our clients launched on time, up-to-speed, and with immediate operational efficiency and growing sales.
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As we head into a new year, we want to reflect on the year that has passed and lay out our plans for 2018. Last year saw major developments for the platform and we are delighted to have you on board to share them with us.
At the end of October 2017, the IRP Commerce and Export Technologies teams undertook a joint ten-day exploratory trip to China and Hong Kong to better understand the opportunities in the Asian ecommerce market. This article shares our experience and some of the key findings and contacts made from the trip.
The IRP World Road Map feature is one of the most useful release information and feedback tools made available by a technology company. The IRP Roadmap Feature Suggestion and Roadmap selection process has been recently updated to ensure prompt and clear communication on Feature Suggestions and associated development. All IRP World Members are strongly encouraged to make the most of this valuable resource.
A lot of recent work has gone into improving the Feature Suggestions area of the IRP World. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of this tool and to contribute to shaping the future of your platform.
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