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The rise in m-commerce continues

18% Increase in Consumers Using Mobile Devices for Ecommerce

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular with consumers for browsing and shopping online.
3 min read

More people are using mobile devices to browse IRP client sites

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular with consumers for browsing and shopping online.

From 2013 to 2014 there has been an 18% increase in consumers browsing IRP client sites from mobile devices:

Traffic analysis 2013 to 2104 showing percentage of traffic from desktop, tablet and mobile devices

You can see from these charts that, in comparison to 2013, more people used smartphones and tablets to access IRP client sites. Whilst most people continue to use desktops for online shopping, fewer people are doing so.

The rise in m-commerce continues

These statistics follow industry trends in consumer habits and the increase in sales of mobiles and tablets.

There is now much research showing that increasing numbers of people are using mobile devices to browse retail websites and make purchases. People want to shop at any time of the day that is convenient to them. Not just when they are sitting at their desk.

They might want to research items whilst waiting in a queue or sitting on a long train journey. Maybe they will purchase something then and there. Or they might make their purchases later, perhaps using a different device.

A multichannel approach is essential

All of this means that you must adopt a multichannel approach to your online business.

Customers are reading your emails on any device. They might arrive at your site following a recommendation from a friend on a social media app on their phone. They are scanning your product images and reading your product descriptions on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

It's important that you have a user-friendly site optimised for mobile devices as consumer habits shift towards mobile.

The IRP is mobile-ready

The IRP platform comes mobile-ready. It provides an intuitive and appealing integrated mobile site. Whatever internet-enabled device consumers are using, they will easily reach your business.

Get in touch with us to find out how to grow your online business with the leading multichannel ecommerce platform.

Anonymous - This is a very interesting article. It would be interesting to understand the changes of overall revenues from each channel, conversion rates from each channel, and Average Order values from each channel. This article shows a clear trend in the rise of Mobile for IRP customers.
08 Oct 2014 12:38
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