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Desktop Still Responsible for the Majority of Online Revenue

06 November 2014

From 2013 to 2014 there has been a 7% increase in revenue generated by consumers using mobile devices to access IRP client sites.

This brings the total revenue generated from mobile and tablet devices over this time period to 32%.

However, desktop is still king — accounting for nearly 70% of ecommerce revenue:

Revenue analysis for 2013 showing percentage of revenue from desktop, tablet and mobile devices
Revenue analysis for 2014 showing percentage of revenue from desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Ecommerce revenue and ecommerce traffic

The revenue results for 2013 to 2014 tie in with the findings reported in our earlier traffic analysis article: there is a trend for consumers to use mobile devices to browse and research products before completing their purchase on their desktop.

The continued popularity of desktops for online shopping may be due to the perceived advantages of desktops in a number of areas:

  • Desktops inspire more confidence in consumers when they are checking out.
  • Desktop images are larger and clearer.
  • Desktops make it easier to compare products across several websites.
  • Desktops allow for more extensive security messaging and branding.

A multichannel approach to multiscreen behaviour

Consumers are using multiple devices to browse and shop — and so:

  • Your business website needs to be optimised for all devices: desktops, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.
  • Your ecommerce platform needs to provide an integrated, multichannel solution so that your customers have a great experience regardless of their preferred shopping medium.

Get in touch with us to discover how the International Retail Platform enables you to combine your sales channels and reach your customers on whatever device they care to use.

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Anonymous - Interesting article. Indicates a refocus on Desktop makes sense when Mobile is taking centre stage in ecommerce strategy. The current high CPA%s and lower conversion in mobile are overlooked which seem systemic at this point.
07 Nov 2014 10:13
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