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Help Shape the Future of the IRP with the IRP Road Map

12 September 2016 16:36

Help shape the future of the IRP with the IRP Road Map

All members of IRP World can enter suggestions on the IRP Road Map. This is made available so that IRP clients — particularly Ecommerce Managers — and Service Providers alike can have some real input into the features included in the IRP platform. IRP Account Managers especially will find the Road Map to be an invaluable means of influencing the feature content of the IRP platform.

Whilst not all suggestions are guaranteed to be accepted, all are carefully scrutinised and considered as possible candidates by the IRP technical team. All input is taken seriously and in fact the IRP includes many features and enhancements that originated from the IRP Road Map.

The Road Map also provides IRP customers and Systems Integrators with an understanding of what features are due for inclusion in the next release of the IRP and when that release is scheduled to occur. In addition, you can view Release Notes for all current and previous releases of the IRP.

How to use the IRP Road Map

Using the Road Map is very straightforward. Using the tabs you can view, ‘like’ and comment on all suggestions currently in the system, enter new suggestions and find out which suggestions are scheduled for release — and on what date. You can also view the release history of both Patch and Full Releases and search for specific features across all previous releases.

IRP Road Map in the IRP World Resource Centre

Viewing suggestions on the IRP Road Map

When you first arrive at the Road Map home page, you will see the current list of feature suggestions, as shown in the screen capture on the left. The total number of suggestions is shown in parentheses: IRP Road Total Number of Suggestions

In the main grid showing the features, you can see the number of ‘likes’ that each feature has attracted on the right side of each row: IRP Road Total Number of Likes. This is one of the factors, in addition to the ones described in the Making Suggestions section below, that is taken into account when the IRP technical team is assessing the merits of each suggestion.

To view the details of each feature, click the plus sign on the left side of the row and the row will expand downwards (the row will also expand if you click on the number of ‘likes’). You will then see: a description of the suggested feature, a link through to the IRP World profile of the person who made the suggestion and a list of the people (if any) who ‘like’ the suggestion (also with links through to their IRP World profiles). You can also see the comments (if applicable) that any IRP World Member has made about the suggestion, including the date on which they made the comment and again with a link through to their profiles.

Also in the details section you have the opportunity to ‘like’ the suggestion yourself and to add any comments you may have:

IRP Road Map Comment Bar

Making suggestions on the IRP Road Map

IRP Road Map Make a Suggestion tab

To enter your own suggestions on the IRP Road Map, click the ‘Make A Suggestion’ tab. You can then type in a ‘Title’ and ‘Details’ for your suggestion, as shown in the screen capture on the right. You should provide as much detail as possible about the feature, or about the modification to an existing IRP feature.

As you can see in the screen capture, two of the key elements that you should include in your description are:

  1. How the suggestion will help to increase your sales, and/or
  2. How the suggestion will decrease your costs through operational efficiency.

Including this information will greatly assist the IRP technical team in assessing the usefulness and general merits of the feature or modification.

Viewing suggestions that are in Development

You can find out which suggestions are currently in development and scheduled for release by using the tab on the right side of the screen. The total number of in-development features is shown in parentheses: IRP Road Total Number of Suggestions

You can now see the following information:

IRP Road Map In-Development Tab

The details you can see are as follows:

  • A toggle switch to view either Patch Release information or Full Release information. The total number of features in each type of release is shown in parentheses.
  • The date (subject to change) when the next Patch Release of the IRP is scheduled to occur and, for Full Releases, the quarter of the year in which it is scheduled to occur.
  • The title of each development job.
  • The developer who is working on the feature (available only to Systems Integrators, who can also click through to the Developer’s profile)
  • A rating of the complexity of each feature (Standard, Moderate, Difficult or Very Complex).
  • An estimate of the time required to fully develop and test the feature.
  • The number of ‘likes’ that each feature has attracted, which provides a rough gauge of its popularity. You can click this to see who has liked the feature.
  • The status of the feature (Scheduled, In Development, Completed).
  • A link to View the details of the feature in a pop-up window.

Viewing IRP Release History

IRP Road Map Release History screen

To view details of the features included in previous releases, click the link at the top of the Road Map page: IRP Road Release History tab. You can then view the tabs shown in the screen capture on the left.

As shown, you can view release history for Patch Releases and Full Releases. Using the drop-down list at the top of the screen you can select which Patch or Full Release to view. The top bar shows the date of release, the number of features in the release and the total time taken in developing and testing the release.

As with the ‘In Development’ tab described previously, you can see the name of the feature, the Developer (available only to Systems Integrators), the level of complexity, the time estimate and a link to View more details about each feature.

You can also look up a specific feature using the tab called IRP Road Release History Search tab. To use this, simply enter a relevant search term and click the magnifying glass icon to search for the feature:

IRP Road Map Search Bar

When results are returned, you can view details of the feature, including the date on which the released occurred, the name of the feature, the release version number and the type of release (Patch or Full). Systems Integrators can also see the Developer involved.

Help shape the future of IRP technology

The IRP World Road Map feature is one of the most useful release information and feedback tools made available by a technology company. Ecommerce Managers, IRP Account Managers and any IRP World Member have the opportunity to have a real influence on IRP technology. Furthermore, any member can see at a glance what is scheduled to appear in the next release and when it will be available.

All IRP World Members are strongly encouraged to make the most of this valuable resource.


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