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How To Get The Most From Your Google Map Listings

Google Posts is a completely free service to allow clients to get maximum brand exposure of the offers they are running.
4 min read

Like all marketers, we want to get the maximum exposure for our clients' brand presence and do it in such a cost-effective way that the returns are phenomenal.

This is where Google Posts, part of the Google Business listings, comes in!

At the moment, it is a completely FREE service to allow clients to get maximum brand exposure of the offers they are running.

Simply search the client brand name and Voila! - free advertising that takes up almost the top quarter of the page:

Example Google Map Listing

And here it is in action for another IRP client:

Example Google Map Listing

So, how do they do it?

It's simple for all clients to do this themselves on a regular basis and when they wish to promote upcoming in-store or on-site offers to potential customers.

And to aid in this endeavour, I've written the following brief step-by-step guide on how to get it up and running.

Step 1

Log in to Google via the business listings page

Google My Business website

Step 2

In the left menu, look for the Posts section (which may be highlighted by a blue 'NEW' icon):

Posts section

Step 3

On the right side, click 'Write your post':

Write your post section

You will then be presented with options to create a new post, add images and make the post an event (a sale or product launch, etc.):

Write your post details

You can also add a button such as 'Shop now' or 'Explore'.

In making the post an event, you'll also be able to schedule start dates and times and end dates and times.

Now, I would recommend that you post only one event at a time as it will add a Call To Action and increased sense of urgency to potentially push forward sales.

It is possible to schedule others but users can get a preview of them if you do that and could wait for the event they want.

Step 4

The finished article should look like the following; if not make any necessary amendments and then repost.

Finished posting

Step 5

Posts for first-time users can take a few hours to appear as they will be manually checked by Google to ensure that they meet quality standards and do not violate any policies. But as you become a regular poster, your posts will typically show within 10 minutes of publication.

The screen capture below shows the finished article live for an IRP client:

Example Google Map Listing

Final thoughts

This service has been around for some time now and at present is totally free! I would highly recommend that all ecommerce managers and digital marketing managers build these posts into their calendar of activities as another standard 'tick box', 'this-MUST-be-done' exercise.

There's no downside to it and it gives the brand great free exposure whilst promoting your latest and greatest to potential buyers and hopefully boosting revenues in the process!

Anonymous - This is an excellent article and we should set up for all clients
24 Jan 2018 08:19
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