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Bing allows you to import campaigns directly from Google

How to Import Google Campaigns into Bing

Bing Ads is slowly eating away at Google's search engine market share and so IRP customers should advertise on the Bing network.
5 min read

There is no doubt that Google is still King of the search engines, however Bing Ads is slowly eating away at Google’s search engine market share.

It is for this reason that IRP customers must advertise on the Bing network. Bing PPC sales now equate to 10% of total IRP revenue and IRP customers tend to have a much lower CPA% with Bing PPC than they do with Google PPC.

Bing allows you to import campaigns directly from Google. This step-by-step guide will tell you how to do this.

Step 1 — Create a Bing Ads Account

First of all you will need to create a Bing Ads account with a Microsoft email account. You will need to add your contact details and payments details. Then you should add the conversion tracking to the IRP using the ‘Site Scripts’ section. To set up the Conversion Tracking, create and add the UET tracking tag to the following Site Scripts:

  • Before End Of Body Desktop Site
  • Before End Of Body Mobile Site
  • Before End Of Body Private Sale Site

Then set up a conversion goal. This will need to be an Event and then the Category will need to ‘Equal to Sale’. The Revenue Value will need to be set to ‘The value of this conversion action may vary’. See the screen capture below for how this should be set up. The UET Tag has already been customised in your IRP and will not need to be added.

Setting up a conversion goal

Step 2 — Create a Bing Partner ID in the IRP

Before you begin importing Google campaigns into Bing, you should create a Bing Traffic Partner in the IRP. Take note of this, as it will be used later.

Step 3 — Import the Google Campaigns

Now is the time to import your Google AdWords campaigns. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. In Bing, go to the Import Campaigns menu on the top tabs then click ‘Import from Google AdWords’:
    Import Campaigns menu in Bing Ads
  2. Now you will need to make sure that you are logged in to your Google AdWords Account:
    Sign In to Google screen in Bing Ads
  3. Once signed in to your Google account, Bing will show you all of your Google campaigns and will allow you to select which campaigns you want to import. When you have selected your campaigns, click Continue.
  4. You will then see a page similar to the following which will allow you to select what you want to copy across within the campaigns. It is advisable to select everything apart from ‘Tracking templates and custom parameters’. Note also for Bing that all ‘Bids and Budgets’ must be at least 0.05 GBP — make sure that you check those options:
    Campaign Import options screen in Bing Ads
  5. Now you will need to change the PartnerID in the Google campaigns to the PartnerID of the Bing campaign that you created earlier. To do this, go to the Tracking Templates section, select ‘Find and Replace text in each tracking template’ then replace the existing PartnerID with the new Bing one:
    Find and Replace text screen in Bing Ads
  6. Also select the option to link to Bing Merchant Centre to import the shopping campaigns.
  7. Click Import. When the import is complete you will see the import summary.

Step 4 — Create Shopping Campaigns Within Bing

To create shopping campaigns within Bing, proceed as follows:

  1. In Bing, go to the Tools Menu and select ‘Bing Merchant Center’:
    Tools menu in Bing Ads
  2. Now you should create a store.
  3. Next go to the Catalog Management section to ‘Create a Catalog’. Give the Catalog a name and, in the Catalog Feed File section, select ‘Automatically download file from URL’ and enter the Bing feed URL for the Source URL:
    Create a Catalog screen in Bing Ads
  4. Click Save. The products will take a few days to be approved.
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