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IRP Clients Enjoy Successful Black Friday with 42% Increase in Revenue

Comparing Black Friday 2013 with Black Friday 2014, IRP client sites have seen a 42% increase in revenue.
3 min read

‘Black Friday’ is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. For more than ten years it has been regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season and most major retailers offer promotional sales.

Over the last couple of years Black Friday has grown in popularity across the UK and Europe both online and in-store.

Comparing Black Friday 2013 with Black Friday 2014, IRP client sites have seen a 42% increase in revenue:

IRP Clients Enjoy Successful Black Friday with 42% Increase in Revenue

Huge traffic levels require a scalable ecommerce platform

With the increasing number of consumers browsing online to find the best deals, traffic levels rose to an all-time high in 2014. Some large retailers experienced issues with their ecommerce sites and some companies were forced to implement a queueing system — resulting in consumers having to wait over an hour just to access the site.

With UK and European consumers embracing the American holidays to make an early start to their Christmas shopping, it is essential to have a scalable and reliable ecommerce system that can handle a large amount of traffic, on the site and throughout the checkout.

Your ecommerce system must also be able to handle the large amount of orders that you will have received during Black Friday and throughout the Christmas shopping period.

The difference the IRP makes

IRP clients, having had such a successful Black Friday, are busy preparing and finalising plans for the run up to Christmas to ensure that they can provide all the products their customers are looking for.

Having a reliable and scalable ecommerce platform allows IRP clients to focus on running their business and oversee operations without having to worry about how their website will handle the Christmas rush.

Having such a dependable system allows customer service teams to process orders as efficiently as possible and stops back logs — thus ensuring that customers receive their orders when expected.

By providing an excellent customer experience, customers can complete their purchase as expected and will likely return to make further purchases.

Maximise your sales potential with the IRP

Ecommerce is growing continually. Many companies see ecommerce as the biggest opportunity for expansion. Is your ecommerce platform scalable and sustainable, allowing you to continually grow your business?

Get in touch with us to discover how the award-winning International Retail Platform enables you to grow your business on the ecommerce world stage.

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