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IRP Marketing Campaigns - Remarketing for Profit

Ensure your email marketing is successfully generating revenue on the IRP.
4 min read


Aside from organic traffic, IRP Email Marketing is one of the lowest-cost ways to drive traffic and increase revenue on your ecommerce website.

The setup and design of email marketing campaigns are minimal outlays in comparison with the return. Some IRP clients are seeing up to 40% of their revenue coming from their email marketing activity.

The email recipients on your mailing list are, most likely, already interested and willing to hear what you have to say. This means they are one step further down the buyer journey in comparison with those other paid traffic sources you market your products on: PPC, Social Media and Affiliates.

Creating engaging emails will only encourage your brand to be front of mind when purchasing online and lead to greater customer lifetime value.

Key areas to look at

Here is a comprehensive list of areas to look at to ensure your email marketing is successfully generating revenue on the IRP platform.

1. Mailing List

Understanding your mailing list is vital to driving your email marketing revenue. Get to know the finer details.

  • How many people are subscribed to your mailing list?
  • Has your list been cleansed recently?
  • What is your open rate like?
  • Have you set up the Mailing List Pop Up with a %/£ off incentive?
  • Do you collect email addresses in store?

2. Segmentation

Segmenting your email marketing list strategically means you can target specific segments with tailored offers, deals and products, getting greater traction with each campaign. Segment by:

  • Purchaser Location
  • Average Order Value
  • Purchase Frequency
  • Brands
  • Categories
  • Gender (Clothing Preference etc) – avoid stereotypical content (‘hurry up men...’)
  • Language (only if your emails are being translated)

3. Email Profiles

This is less important than segmenting based on the above but it’s good to review the live email profiles on your IRP website regardless.

  • If you have run a campaign recently for a specific offer or brand, you might have an email profile set up for those customers who only want to hear about that product.
  • You can then segment this profile further.
  • Useful for very large databases.

4. System Emails

These are vitally important. These should be branded, well written and reviewed regularly. These emails are automatically sent when a customer interacts with your website in any way. These emails can be personalised which is also very valuable as it will increase customer engagement.

  • Review live system emails.
    • What is live and what could be switched on?

Review all of the content in the following emails in particular:

  • Order Confirmation
  • Order Process
  • Product Review
  • Gift Voucher
  • Mailing list sign up
  • Password reset

5. Re-engagement Emails

Excellent opportunities here for re-engaging customers who have already purchased with you and subscribed to the mailing list. It’s much easier and also a lot cheaper to re-engage these customers than acquire new ones.

Some email content examples include:

  • Are we breaking up?
  • Here’s what you’ve missed...
  • VIP – missed you... Voucher Code
  • 90 days - 10% off your next order with us
  • How to look after your $$purchase££
  • How to clean your brushes – link to soap
  • How to wear your $$best seller$$

6. Dropped Basket Emails

Dropped basket emails send vouchers or reminders to customers who have logged in, left items in their basket and left your site without purchasing, perhaps to check prices elsewhere.

Emails to showcase:

  • Free shipping over [price]
  • Free returns
  • Voucher code for £10 off your purchase
  • Voucher code for 10% off your basket

Customer retention checklist

Retaining the customers you already have can be a very profitable undertaking. As with your email list, already-engaged customers who have previously purchased are very valuable. It’s not all about email marketing however; while it’s an easy way to reach your customers, it’s not the only way to ensure they keep coming back to your website for more.

Here is some inspiration for customer retention strategies:

  • Customer service – make sure this is very evident on your website and include:
    • Easily accessible Contact Us section
    • Live Chat
    • Hassle-free Returns/Refunds
    • Free Shipping
  • Prompt issue resolution
    • Hassle-free Returns/Refunds
    • Multiple payment options
    • Live Chat/Contact information
  • Effective delivery & fulfilment
    • Free Shipping
    • Clear communications throughout the order and delivery process
  • Loyalty programs & incentives
    • Switch on IRP Loyalty Program
    • Send regular emails to include Sneak Peaks, VIP Sales
    • Voucher Codes
    • First Access to Sale
  • On-site help & knowledge base
    • How to wear content pages
    • How to take care of content pages
    • About Us/Customer Service pages
    • Content on Returns & Shipping
  • Order tracking & information
    • Include tracking codes from shipping/courier
    • Ensure all emails are live for the duration of the purchase
    • Returns & Shipping
  • Social media engagement
    • Re-target and re-engage customers
      • You were looking at...
      • Lookalike audiences
  • Remarketing – maintaining a strong market presence
    • Hang around online where your customers hang around:
      • TikTok
      • LinkedIn
      • Research new media landscapes, etc.

Download a PDF version of this article

You can download a PDF version of this article here.

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