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Making the Most of Klarna on Your IRP Platform

When you add any new feature or product to your IRP Platform, you should be informing your customers as soon as possible. Otherwise, how are they going to know it's there?
18 February 2020 - 5 min read

How to make the most of Klarna on IRP

If you’re adding anything new to your website which will improve your customers' experience, you should absolutely let them know. Klarna is one of the fastest-growing payment options in the market today and is extremely popular amongst the younger, mobile-first shopper. 

When adding Klarna to your IRP, you must carefully consider your go-live strategy. This is extremely important as you want your customers to know you have adopted this payment method and how to use it on your website. This is also another opportunity to contact any lapsed customers and to offer an incentive to checkout with Klarna to get the ball rolling on your website. 

Klarna Top Banner

Please update the following areas on your IRP website:

Banners and Imagery

  • Heading message to include icon and introductory information
  • Top banners to include icon and messaging
  • Add to basket messaging and Klarna Widget 
  • Website footer payment icons
Klarna bottom

Klarna Widget

  • Klarna Widget on models page; this is specific to your contract with Klarna and you will have an individual code which you can add into site scripts. This will allow you to display Klarna-specific messaging, e.g. Pay in 3, Buy this item in 3 payments of £10. 

Update your Emails

  • Header icons and messaging
  • Content describing how Klarna works
  • Footer payment icons

Marketing Activity

  • Update your banners, widget and imagery as noted above
  • Create a custom content page with Klarna-specific information 
  • Email your customers to let them know you have a new way to pay live on your website
  • Include Klarna in your Interventions so customers see this imagery as soon as they land on your website
  • Create social media posts about your new payment partner
Sell Klarna Banner

For more information on Klarna, contact your IRP Account Manager today who will put you in touch with our dedicated Klarna Account Manager. If you have any additional queries, please reach out to Jo-Anne Morgan, at IRP Commerce who will be able to help you. 

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