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Northern Ireland’s Biggest Opportunity Right Now in Ecommerce

13 October 2016
Northern Ireland’s Biggest Opportunity Right Now in Ecommerce

IRP Commerce is looking for a new Systems Integrator

IRP Commerce is looking for a Systems Integrator (SI) based in Northern Ireland to deploy and support their award-winning ecommerce platform, the IRP.

To date the IRP Platform has handled over £1,000,000,000 (£1 Billion) in sales for companies based in Ireland North and South alone.  Alongside the IRP Technology, IRP Commerce has a Service Partner ecosystem called the IRP World that allows digital switch-on of services such as PPC, etc.

Until now, IRP Commerce has employed a single SI, Export Technologies in Northern Ireland, to handle software deployments and account management for IRP clients. Due to the continuing success of the IRP and significant expansion of the client base, it is no longer possible to rely on one SI only. IRP Commerce therefore seeks to partner with another SI based in Northern Ireland.

Roles & Responsibilities

The primary role of an IRP Systems Integrator is to deploy the full IRP technology stack for clients. For most clients, this will involve replatforming from an existing ecommerce system. IRP Commerce will provide all technical training in this area. The cloud-based platform has been professionally and successfully deployed for many years; and the deployment process is simple to learn and streamlined.

SIs also provide 2nd line technical support for IRP clients (1st line support being provided by the IRP World resources and trained staff within the client’s own company). The SI needs to have a dedicated support person or team who can manage client issues. If the SI is unable to resolve an issue, they should escalate it to the IRP Commerce Support Team who act as 3rd line support.

In addition, SIs provide account management for IRP clients. This entails advising clients on how to optimally deploy their marketing spend amongst the performance-rated Service Providers listed in IRP World. Account Managers must constantly influence clients to increase sales and be on the lookout for revenue-generating opportunities, especially internationally.

There are several responsibilities and reporting obligations that SIs must respect. These and other terms and conditions are documented in the IRP Systems Integrator Agreement (log-in required).


There are very attractive financial benefits to being an official IRP Systems Integrator. In essence, the SI partners with IRP clients to increase their sales on a continual basis. Accordingly, the more successful the client is, the more the SI reaps the financial benefits. It is in the interests of both parties to be fully focused on sales and profits for the client. It is this alignment of purpose that has led to the spectacular growth of many online businesses on the IRP in the UK and Ireland over the last decade.


This is a great opportunity for the right people, person or company. If you have proven ecommerce experience, are looking for a huge opportunity, and are interested in becoming a Systems Integrator for the IRP - get in touch with us at We’d like to start a conversation and discuss all of the factors and mutual benefits involved.

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