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The Role of an IRP Ecommerce Manager

27 October 2014
16 November 2016

The Role of an IRP Ecommerce Manager

To identify, appoint and confirm an ecommerce manager is one of the most important steps that a pure play or multichannel online business can make.

The ecommerce manager role should be separate from other roles within the business.

While it is important to liaise with all channels and to have a joined-up strategy, the role of ecommerce manager should not be adopted by the same person who performs the shop manager function or any other function in the business.

The ecommerce manager will ultimately be accountable for:

  • The creation and delivery of the company’s ecommerce strategy — alongside the company management.
  • Monthly reporting within the business. This is a key part of the role, to ensure that stakeholders are aware of all aspects of performance and strategy.
  • The overall revenue of the ecommerce operation.

The ecommerce manager role can be a very difficult role to fill — there are very few degrees and no charter for an ecommerce manager.

We have created an example of the duties that the ecommerce manager role generally entails.

Ecommerce Manager (Example Job Description)

You will need to be confident, energetic and enthusiastic with the energy and ambition to help the business grow. You will be expected to:

  • Set and deliver the company’s ecommerce strategy
  • Set the website KPIs in line with business requirements
  • Support product and site development strategy
  • Oversee, manage or liaise with warehouse, fulfilment, content, design, marketing and sales
  • Utilize IRP World for knowledge, strategy, accreditations, partners and the IRP Roadmap
  • Maximise and adopt as many areas and features of the IRP as possible
  • Have a relentless focus on, and a passion for, traffic generation, conversion and customer retention
  • Manage, delegate or outsource activities to drive traffic to the website
  • Manage, delegate or outsource changes to drive conversion optimisation
  • Manage, delegate or outsource changes to increase repeat customers
  • Optimize marketing activities to ensure maximum return on investment
  • Adopt multichannel optimisation (if appropriate)

As Ecommerce Manager you will:

  • Provide monthly reports on key KPIs and the actions taken that month
  • Implement change based on site performance to maximise site traffic and conversion rates
  • Provide regular competitor intelligence
  • Liaise with the content team for the website
  • Create efficiencies by growing your Service Provider network, always measuring performance based upon results
  • Manage and grow the ecommerce team

The successful ecommerce manager will be passionate about the digital environment and have the vision to drive the digital strategy forwards:

  • You will be customer focussed, starting with the customer’s needs and working back.
  • You will also understand the importance of service delivery excellence, with a proven ability for delivering strategic growth.
  • You will be commercially minded, be able to build rapport and communicate effectively at all levels.
  • You will have extensive knowledge of the online environment. You'll understand when to action tasks yourself and when to delegate to experts.
  • You will have a clear understanding of key online marketing priorities and have excellent communication and team management abilities.


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