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API - Getting Started

The process for using the API functionality involves the following steps:

  1. Use IRP Admin to:
    1. Enable API Request Handling
    2. Generate a secure API Key-Shared Secret pair
    3. Enable JavaScript access
    4. Add IP Address Restrictions
    For details, see API - API Keys.
  2. Create a Signature:
    1. One Signature for use with the Authenticate Method
    2. Another Signature for use with all other Methods
    For details, see API - Creating Signatures.
  3. Authenticate with the API to gain an AuthenticationToken. For details, see API - Authenticate Method.
  4. Use the AuthenticationToken to call other API methods. For example the Baskets API uses the following methods:
    1. AddItem
    2. AddItemTrade
  5. If necessary, understand API error codes for troubleshooting purposes. For details, see API - Error Messages.

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