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Auto Approve Criteria

You can find this section under Orders > Auto Approve Criteria in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

Order Processing can be a time consuming task. The Auto Approve Criteria feature aims to speed up the initial stages of Order Processing by allowing you to define a list of Criteria that all New Orders can be checked against. Auto Approve Criteria are rules which consist of multiple Criteria options (discussed in further detail in the How To Add or Edit Auto Approve Criteria article in this section). When an order is checked against an Auto Approve Criteria rule, each of the criteria options set in the rule will be checked individually.

You can have multiple Auto Approve Criteria rules in place. All Orders in the New Order Status will be checked against each separate Auto Approve Criteria rule — but only when you click the Auto Approve New Orders button on the Orders.aspx page. The number displayed in brackets indicates the number of 'New' Orders in the system and so all of these will be checked against the various Auto Approval Criteria rules.

For an Order to be approved, it must satisfy ALL of the Criteria options present in an Auto Approve Criteria rule. Once an order is approved it will be set to Approved for Processing status.

Overview video

Note: Currently videos are not maintained in line with each software release and therefore features may work slightly differently from the way they are shown.

OrdersAutoApproveView.aspx page

The main OrdersAutoApproveView.aspx page appears as follows:

Auto Approve Screen

This shows the following details:

  • ID: The Unique IRP identifier for this Auto Approve Criteria rule. The ID is recorded against an order when it is auto-approved. This allows the orders that have been approved for each auto-approve criteria to be tracked.
  • Active: Only Active Auto Approve Criteria rules will be used to check Orders when the Auto Approve Orders button is clicked.
  • Name: The Name used to identify the Auto Approve Criteria rule within your IRP, e.g. UK & Ireland < £500.
  • All Items In Stock: If set to Yes, all Stock items in this Order must have a Stock level of 1 or more. If set to No, Stock levels against individual Stock Items will not be checked. This would be the preferred option if your Stock is held Externally.
  • Approve Orders With Notes: If set to Yes, Orders must have a Customer Note to be Auto Approved. If set to No, Orders do not require a Customer Note to be Auto Approved.
  • Delivery = Card Address: If set to Yes, The Delivery Address must exactly match the Card Address. If set to No, the Delivery and Card addresses do not need to match.
  • IP Not in Fraud List: When Orders are set to Fraud status, the IP Address used to place the Order is added to the Fraud List. If this choice is set to Yes, the IP Address for the Order being approved is checked against the Fraud List to determine if it is present. If it is the Order will not be approved automatically. If set to No, the IP for the Order being approved is not checked against the Fraud list.
  • Do Not Approve 3D Secure Without Liability Shift: When using 3D Secure, a Liability Shift occurs in case of Fraudulent payments. If set to Yes, Orders in which the Liability Shift Fails for whatever reason will not be auto approved. If set to No, all orders will be approved, disregarding the success/failure of the Liability Shift.
  • Matching Orders: This indicates the number of complete orders that fell into this Auto Approve Criteria.
  • Max Fraud Score: This shows the maximum fraud score that an order can have before it is rejected.
  • Ignore IRP Fraud Score When 3DSecure Liability Shifted: If this shows 'Yes', an order which has Liability Shifted status from 3D Secure will be moved from New to Approved even if its IRP-calculated fraud score exceeds the 'Max Fraud Score'.
  • Countries: This shows the countries that can be auto-approved with this criteria.
  • Order Less Than: The Order Price must be less than this amount be Auto Approved.
  • Edit: Click this button to make changes to an Auto Approve Criteria configuration. For more details see How To Add or Edit Auto Approve Criteria in this section.

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How To Add or Edit Auto Approve Criteria
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