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You can find this section under Interface Translations > Brands in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use this section to translate particular product Brand descriptions within the IRP into different languages. Any English descriptions and translations that you have created for brands on either the individual brand page (under Products or on the Bulk Updates page will be displayed on the grid on this page. (If you only have English descriptions then this is all that will be shown.)

The main TranslationsBrands.aspx page appears as shown in the screen capture that follows. Note that you will see either plain text boxes or HTML Editor boxes, depending on the format you have configured for the 'Brand Description' (not the 'Brand Description Top') on the individual Admin page for the brand — see Brands for more information.

IRP Brands main screen

Use the search bar to find any brands. If you expand Other Options under the search bar you can filter by Language. You can also find any brands that are missing a translation in a particular language.

The main grid contains the following information:

  • ID: This is the unique IRP identifier of the brand translation.
  • Brand: This is the name of the brand as defined in the product Brands section.
  • English Description: This is the description of the brand as defined in the ‘Brand Description’ part of the main Brands section.
  • Foreign Description Translations: This is where you can translate the brand data into any of the languages in your system.

As with many other pages in IRP Admin, you can click the Download icon between the Search bar and the main grid to export the brand data in a format of your choosing.

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