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Bulk Operations

You can find this section under Products > Bulk Operations in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

Bulk operations allow for a number of tasks to be completed at the same time.

The following bulk operations are available within the IRP:

Operation Description
Update Model Sales Rank Updates the Sales Rank for Models based on their overall Sales. Sales Rank is used to determine the Best Selling Products.
Update Model Min / Max Prices Updates the Minimum and Maximum Prices set against Models based on Active Stock. These Prices form the basis for Saving calculations from the RRP.
Update All Short Descriptions Updates the Short Description fields of Models based on their long Description. This will only be done for Models where Auto Generation is set to true. The Short Description is displayed on List View Listing Pages as well as selected Model Display styles.
Update Empty Short Descriptions Updates the Short Description fields of Models based on their long Description. This will update Model Short Descriptions to the text version of the Model's Description field for all Models, without considering the value of the 'Auto Generate Short Description' setting against the Model. The Short Description is displayed on List View Listing Pages as well as selected Model Display styles.
Update All Available Options Fields Updates the Available Options field against a Model. The Available Options text is displayed on the List View Listing style and displays the Stock Options that are purchasable, i.e. In Stock and Active.
Recalculate Review Scores Recalculates the Review Scores against Models based on Approved Customer Reviews. These Review Scores are displayed as Stars on Listings Pages and the Attributes Left Navigation on Listings Pages.
Update All Model Approved Review Counts Updates the number of Approved Reviews against Models.
Update XML Site Map Updates the website’s XML Site Map based on Brands and Categories within the site.
Rebuild Search Index Rebuilds the website Search Index based on the Models, Brands and Categories that are Active on the site. The Search Index is used to return results in the front end website search and needs rebuilt when new Products, Brands or Categories are added to the site.
Update Models Offer Status from NEW to NOT ON OFFER for Models older than [X] Days Updates the Offer Status of a Model to ‘Not on Offer’, so that no Offer icon will appear on website Listing Pages for Models older than the specified age. Note that this is only for setting 'New' Products to 'Not on Offer' after a specified number of days.
Remove Personalisation Images In Baskets More Than [X] Days Removes any Personalisation Images that are still in a Customer’s Basket that are older than the specified number of days.
Enable Price Match on ALL Models When you click this button, Price Match capability will be enabled on every Model on your website — as long as you have enabled the ‘Enable Price Match’ Application Setting.
Update Model Offer Status From Stock When you click this button, you will update the Offer Status of all Models to the minimum Offer Status of each Model's active stock items. For example, a Model with an Offer Status of 'Not On Offer' and an active stock item with an Offer Status of 'Sale' will have its Offer Status updated to 'Sale'.

FAQs (4)

How can you tell that changes have been updated?
When changes have occurred, you will see a message at the top of the screen informing you that your changes have been updated successfully. Furthermore, you can go onto the site itself and see if the change has occurred.
On the Bulk Operations page, what does the 'Model Sales Rank' refer to?
The model sales rank is a way to track the bestselling models, categories or brands. Its looks at the price and the total units purchased. You can set a time period for this.
On the Bulk Operations page, what do the 'Short Descriptions' refer to?
These are used for your product feeds if you want to keep your own content rather than use all content and criteria.
On the Bulk Operations page, what is the 'Search Index'?
When the search index is rebuilt, new models and images etc. will appear in the searches.
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