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You can find this section under Interface Translations > Categories in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use this section to translate particular product Categories within the IRP into different languages.

Here is an introductory video about the Categories Translations section
Note: The video is intended only to provide a general overview of the area. Currently IRP videos are not maintained in line with each software release and therefore the features in IRP Admin may work slightly differently from the way they are shown in the video.


The main TranslationsCategories.aspx page appears as follows:

IRP Categories main screen

Use the search bar to find any categories. If you expand Other Options under the search bar you can filter by Category Level and by Language. You can also find any categories that are missing a translation in a particular language.

The main grid contains the following information:

  • ID: This is the unique IRP identifier of the category.
  • Category Name: This is the name of the category as defined in the product Categories section.
  • Foreign Name Translations: This is where you can translate the category data into any of the languages in your system.

As with many other pages in IRP Admin, you can click the Download icon between the Search bar and the main grid to export the category data in a format of your choosing.

You can use the buttons at the top of the screen to edit the following specific parts of the product categories:

  • Category Names: Click this button to translate the name of the category as defined in the product Categories section.
  • Descriptions: Click this button to translate the description of the category as defined in the ‘Category Description’ part of the main Categories section.
  • Short Descriptions: Click this button to translate the short description of the category if you have enabled the ‘Auto Generate Short Description’ setting in the ‘Category Description’ part of the main Categories section.

How To Guides (1)

To add or edit a Category Translation, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Interface Translations > Categories in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.
  2. Search for the Category that you want to translate by typing the name into the search bar and clicking Search.
  3. The list of languages available for translation depends on which languages have been flagged as translatable under the Languages section.
  4. Fill in the translated category description by inserting the translated value into the equivalent field as shown below.

  5. After you have updated the fields with the translated values, add the translation by clicking 

You can update these translations in bulk by using the Bulk Updates section under Data Imports / Exports.

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