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Check In Stock Using the EPOS

The IRP EPOS modifies stock levels as part of its ability to perform sales and refunds. However this functionality may also be used by some customers to modify their stock levels when they are not actually performing a sale or refund with a customer, for example by performing a refund to increase stock levels. Using Stock Mode in the EPOS enables you to perform such operations without adversely affecting EPOS sales or refund figures. Note that the system will allow only the checking-in of items (to increase the level of stock items).

Using Stock Mode

To enter Stock Mode, simply click the Stock Mode button in the top nav of the EPOS:

Stock Mode button

If a sale is not currently in progress then you will immediately be in Stock Mode (Epos/StockQuickCheckin.aspx. In this case, the button text will change to allow you to go back to Sale Mode when you want to:

Sale Mode button

If you are in the process of making a sale and you click the 'Stock Mode' button, you will see a message pop up on the screen that asks what you want to do with the current sale:

Stock Mode - Leave a Sale

As you can see from the screen capture, you can choose from the following options:

  • Cancel: This will return you to the sale.
  • Void Sale: This removes all items and cancels the sale. You will then be in Stock Mode Epos/StockQuickCheckin.aspx.
  • Park Sale: This moves the sale into the Parked Sales section of the till, effectively placing the sale on hold until later. You will then be in Stock Mode Epos/StockQuickCheckin.aspx.

The Epos/StockQuickCheckin.aspx page will allow you to process a new check-in:

Stock Mode - New Check-In

To proceed:

  1. Enter a Model ID, Stock ID, Part Code, barcode or other search term in the left panel and click the Go button. The stock items will be shown in the panel. The figure in the dark grey box indicates how many of the items are in local stock whereas the figure to the right of the box indicates the overall quantity of the items in stock in all stock locations:
    Stock Mode - Selection
  2. Note that you can click the arrow icon beside the 'Go' button in order to show the 'Clear Search Results' bar and to filter the search results according to whether or not brands, models or stock items are active on your website:
    The 'Clear Search Results After Adding An Item' feature is enabled by default so that after you search for an item, the search results will be cleared automatically. To disable the feature, simply click the check mark and the box will clear. You can also clear the search results after:
    • Adding an item to the basket.
    • Applying a Voucher to the sale.
    • Tendering an amount, before completing the sale.
  3. Choose the Stock item that you want to check-in and click the Select button. The item will then move to the right panel.
  4. You can use the plus (+) button to increase the number to check-in (and the minus (-) button to lower it again):
    Stock Mode - Increase or Decrease
  5. To complete the check-in, click the Complete button. You will be prompted to confirm your decision:
    Stock Mode - Complete
  6. If you want to void a check-in, click the Void button. You will be prompted to confirm your decision:
    Stock Mode - Void
  7. If you want to park a check-in, click the Park button. You will be prompted to confirm your decision:
    Stock Mode - Park
    The parked check-in will then be available from the /Epos/StockQuickCheckinsParked.aspx page which you can access by clicking the Parked Stock Check-Ins button in the top nav of the EPOS:
    Stock Mode - Parked Check-Ins button
    From the /Epos/StockQuickCheckinsParked.aspx page you can retrieve the check-in and either continue with the check-in, void it or park it again.
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