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End of Day Documents

You can find this section under Shipping > End of Day Documents in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use this section to print End Of Day Documents or Collection Manifests for integrated Shipping carriers, for example Royal Mail, Parcelforce, DHL, and so forth. Documents will be available only if the relevant Shipping Methods have been created within your IRP.

Note: When using Intersoft, this is a required step. If you do not generate the End of Day Documents, the shipments will not be logged automatically to your OBA (or carrier-specific equivalent) account.

Creating Reports

To create a report, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Shipping > End of Day Documents in the IRP Admin left navigation menu (ShippingEndOfDayDocuments.aspx).
  2. Complete the following settings:
    • Integration Provider: Select the Integration Provider you wish to print an End-of-Day Document for. Generally this will be Intersoft.
    • Carrier: Select the carrier being used to provide shipping services via the Intersoft integration, for example Royal Mail, DHL Express, FedEx, etc.
    • Service: Select the shipping service being used by the designated carrier via the Intersoft integration.
  3. Click the Collection Manifest(s) button.

Once you have carried out the above steps PDFs are created for any items that have already been manifested. As historic documents are not saved, it is recommended that you save old PDFs locally if you want to keep them for reference.

Note on Royal Mail COSS

The Customer Own System Solution (COSS) from Royal Mail integration is currently being deprecated. This solution has been superseded by Intersoft and will therefore no longer be supported. Please contact your IRP Account Manager for more information.

Note: for general details about Royal Mail COSS V2 setup, see How To Set Up Royal Mail COSS.

When you select Royal Mail COSS V2 as the Carrier, you will see the following settings:

  • OBA Order Ref: If you have added the Parcels for this Sales Order Summary into your Royal Mail Online Business Account, you should have been allocated an Order Reference. Enter this Order Reference to save and display before clicking the 'Sales Order Summary' button.
  • Sales Order Summary: Click this button to view and print the SOS sheet.
  • Type 3 Advice File: Click this button to transmit to Royal Mail's online systems for processing.

Online Business Account (OBA) customers

A summary of Royal Mail orders placed through the IRP Royal Mail COSS Solution needs to be entered manually into your Royal Mail Online Business Account (OBA) account at the end of each day.

The information on how to create your order records in the OBA can be found here:

We would recommend setting up an order template so that you only have to log in, select the template and populate the exact number items for each service that you are shipping out each day.

The data that needs to be input can be found in the 'End of Day documents’ area of the IRP (

Just click on the ‘Sales Order Summary’ button to see this. It will open a printable page that splits your orders out and counts them by service code.

Your Royal Mail account manager should also be able to guide you through this OBA order input process in more detail.

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