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Fraud Scoring Bands

You can find this section under Orders > Fraud Scoring Bands in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

The IRP provides a Fraud Indication Score for all orders placed using card payments as the payment method (fraud scoring is not applied to any other payment method, such as PayPal). Different Scores are assigned to each check. If a check is not successful, the score is added to the Total Fraud Score. In the example below, various checks have failed:

(In the screen capture above, the '3D secure ECI value' is configurable using an Application Setting in the 'Security - Fraud Scoring' grouping called 'Fraud Scoring Score 3D Secure ECI Value'. Non-3D secure cards will display 'Not 3D Secure'. 3D Secure cards with a liability shift will display the ECI value but have a fraud score of zero. 3D Secure cards without a liability shift will display the ECI value and have a fraud score from the Application Setting. Whether or not the liability has been shifted will be determined from the value recorded against the payment processor transaction compared to the value expected by the card type for the transaction. The fraud score style will be positive when 3D secure and shifted, negative when 3D Secure and not shifted, and neutral when not 3D Secure.)

Note: To be clear, the IRP can only check the details submitted to the platform and does not have access to the bank records. It is up to the acquiring bank to determine whether they accept or reject the ‘Name on Card’ as submitted to them via Realex. This is outside of the IRP’s control.

Fraud Scoring Bands define the thresholds for measuring the potential Fraud of an Order. The default Bands have the following settings:

Band ID Scoring Band Lower Limit Upper Limit Severity
1 Safe 0 0 Safe
2 Likely Safe 1 15 Safe
3 Contact Customer 15 30 Caution
4 Potential Fraud - Contact Customer 30 50 Fraud
5 Likely Fraud 50 1000 Fraud

If the Lower Limit of a Band is reached, the Fraud Indication check against the Order will display the corresponding Scoring Band value. In the example above the Total Fraud Score is 15. A Fraud Score of 15 meets the Lower Limit value and does not exceed the Upper Limit value of Scoring Band ID 3 - Contact Customer. This value is then displayed beside the Fraud Indication label.

The individual Fraud Scores are defined in the Application Settings group called ‘Security - Fraud Scoring’.

How To Guides (1)

How To Add or Edit a Fraud Scoring Band

To add or edit a Fraud Scoring Band, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Orders > Fraud Scoring Bands on the left navigation.
  2. To create a new Fraud Scoring Band, click the Add New Fraud Scoring Band button on the right hand side of the page.
    To edit an existing Fraud Scoring Band, click the Edit button at the right hand side of the Fraud Scoring Band you wish to update.
  3. Enter/Edit the following details:
    Fraud Score Band ID The Unique IRP identifier for this Fraud Score Band. This is automatically generated when adding a Fraud Score Band.
    Band Name The Name used to identify the Fraud Scoring Band within your IRP, e.g. Safe, Contact Customer, etc.
    Lower Limit The Lower Limit for this band. Fraud scores which are equal to or greater than this value, and less than the Upper Limit will be set to this band.
    Upper Limit The Upper Limit for this band. Fraud scores which are equal to or less than this value, and greater than the Lower Limit will be set to this band.
    Severity The level of severity associated with this band. There are three options here:
    • Safe
    • Caution
    • Fraud
  4. Once you have entered all of these details, click the Insert Fraud Scoring Band button or the Update Fraud Scoring Band button to save the Fraud Scoring Band.

FAQs (1)

What is the best method in the IRP to protect against Credit Card fraud?
There are two main methods of protection against Credit Card fraud. 1) Blocking IP Addresses - This approach is limited in its effectiveness. For details see the 'Excluded IPs' help topic. 2) Enabling 3DSecure - Please refer to the 'Card Processor Settings' help topic for more details. Also, you will have to discuss 3DSecure with your Credit Card processor (for example, Realex) and potentially your Merchant Bank Account provider. NOTE: You should be aware that turning on 3DSecure can negatively affect your conversion rate and therefore sales. If 3DSecure is not done correctly it can cause as much as a 30% drop in card sales.

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