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Stock Locations

You can find this section under Stock Control > Stock Locations in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use this section to view and edit all stock locations that are currently in the system. You should add any physical location where stock is held, for example in a warehouse or in a shop.

To ensure that there are no discrepancies between the level of stock recorded in the IRP and the level in the physical locations, ensure that you carry out regular Stock Takes.

The main Stock Locations page (StockLocations.aspx) shows several details for each of your locations in a separate row:


The information bar at the top of the page displays the following details:

  • Total Units: This is the total number of units in all of your stock locations.
  • Total Retail Value: This is the total retail value of units in all of your stock locations.
  • Total Cost: This is the total cost of units in all of your stock locations.
  • Total Tills: This is the total number of tills in all of your stock locations.
  • Total Personnel: This is the total number of staff employed at all of your stock locations.
  • Total Area: This is the total area of all of your stock locations in square metres.

The details shown in the main grid on the page include:

  • ID: This is a unique IRP identifier for this location, added automatically by the IRP.
  • Active: This indicates whether or not a stock location is active.
  • Name: This is the name of the location.
  • Address: This is the address of the location.
  • Deliver To Store: This indicates whether this location will be available for selection by customers placing ‘deliver to store’ orders (if you have enabled this feature). Note that stock levels are not taken into consideration for deliver to store orders (unlike click & collect).
  • Is Click & Collect: This indicates whether a location can be selected when placing Click & Collect orders (if you have enabled this feature).
  • Stock Available For Web: (True/False) This indicates whether the stock levels for this location will contribute to the overall web stock levels.
  • Click & Collect Exclusions: This shows any categories, brands or models that are excluded from the Click & Collect feature if enabled for this location. To add or modify exclusions, click the number in the cell in the grid. For more details, see the How To Add or Edit a Click & Collect Exclusion in this section.
  • Phone: This is the telephone number of the location.
  • Units: This is the total number of units stored at the location.
  • Retail Value: This is the total retail value of all the items stored at the location.
  • Stock Cost: This is the total cost of all stock stored at the location.
  • Tills: This is the total number of tills at the location.
  • Email: This is the email address of the location. You can click the envelope icon to open a new email message to the address using your default email application.
  • Edit: Click this button to make changes to Stock Location details. See How To Add or Edit a Stock Location for more details.

Note that your registered stock location as defined on your Admin User page is shown at the far right side of the bottom nav. If you have permissions to use the Stock Control section of IRP Admin, you can change your location by clicking this button and selecting another location.

How To Guides (2)

How To Add or Edit a Stock Location
How To Add or Edit a Click and Collect Exclusion

FAQs (3)

What are the 'Latitude' and 'Longitude' buttons used for on the 'Edit Stock Location' page?
These values are used when the IRP calculates distances for customers when they choose Click & Collect checkout. Click the 'Generate Latitude & Longitude' button to get the longitude of the stock location. Note: The values are calculated from the address and/or postcode values that you have entered — therefore make sure that you have configured those fields first in the ‘Location Details’ section.
At what point is my web stock level updated after customers order items?
Your web stock level is updated as soon as a customer places an order on your website.
At what point is my local stock level updated?
Your local stock level us updated when an order is moved from Approved to Picking and Packing, depending on the Location of the User processing the order. Note that when kit order items are dispatched, auto-dispatched, cancelled or returned the stock location levels for the constituent kit items are adjusted by the ordered quantity. This will prevent stock location level synchronisation errors. Fixed Kit order items are also excluded from all stock location level adjustments.
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