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IRP Integration Guide

Exporting data from the IRP

Flat File CSV, TSV, TXT, XLS or XML

Data exports from the IRP are carried out via custom reports that can be made available for download from Secure URLs on our system.

These reports are fully customisable but are generally used to send order/customer details or stock level adjustments to third-party systems.

Bespoke report writing will be required to create custom reports. This allows for substantial flexibility but should be factored into any integration project planning.

The information in these reports is updated as soon as it is updated on the website. For example, if the report is extracting all orders with today’s date, as soon as a new order is placed that matches these criteria, this order will appear in the custom report.

As such, by frequently polling the report URL (e.g. every 2 minutes), external systems can extract and import up-to-date order or customer data.

As a general rule, It is the responsibility of the importing system to filter received data and mark it as already received or not.

Importing data to the IRP

Flat file CSV, TSV, TXT, XLS(x), form data or input stream

We do not currently accept XML data posts.

The Integrations section of the IRP handles the importing of data into the system. There is no limit to the amount of integrations that can be set up.

Bespoke development will be required on the IRP to process the integration data once it has been received. This allows for substantial flexibility but should be factored into any integration project planning.

This development can occur before or after the file exchange has been set up.

There are two options available for importing to the IRP — HTTP Post or URL Fetch:

URL Fetch

We are able to fetch a stock/product/price file (CSV, TSV, TXT, XLS(x)) from you on any publicly accessible secure URL (over HTTPS).

Once this URL has been is set up, this URL must not change. For example:


If you prefer, you can also send us data via HTTP Post on a secure URL that we will make available to you.

For example:

You will require basic authentication details to access this URL. This will be provided to you upon project start.

Data can be posted using the following methods:

  • Full File Posted
  • Comma Delimited in Form Data
  • Pipe Delimited in Form Data
  • Tab Delimited in Form Data
  • Comma Delimited in Input Stream
  • Pipe Delimited in Input Stream
  • Tab Delimited in Input Stream

Upon receipt of the HTTP Post, the IRP server will return the following XML response codes:

  • case 0: Automated Integration Successful
  • case 1: Error Uploading Integration data
  • case 2: Error Staging Uploaded file
  • case 3: Error Integrating Staged data
  • case 10: Integration does not Exist
  • case 20: Automation Disabled for this Integration
  • case 30: HTTP Post not enabled for this Integration
  • case 40: No Post Data Received – Please Check Automation Configuration to ensure Post Data Format is correct

Specific examples can be provided on request.

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