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Issue Refunds (EPOS)

To use the Refunds feature of the IRP EPOS, your User Group must have the Special Permission ‘Allow EPOS Refunds’ enabled.

For more details, see the Create a New User help topic.

You can refund customers using cash, card or credit note. You also have the opportunity to add their email address to your mailing list. This could be a good sales opportunity for you in the future and also a good opportunity to demonstrate great customer service.

Exchanges are a type of refund and will be shown as refunds in EPOS reports. Returned items are accounted for in the refund and replacement items are accounted for in the cash sales.

Note, when refunding items via the EPOS by scanning a receipt, if the order contains a Fixed Kit the individual items within the kit will have their stock levels increased accordingly.

How To Guides (1)

How To Issue A Refund (EPOS)
  1. Look up the sale using the Sale Lookup tab and entering the Order ID. For more details see the Sales Lookup help topic.
  2. Tick the Return Item box and/or the Return To Stock box:
  3. IRP EPOS Refund screen
  4. Click the Refund Selected Items button. The item will then be displayed on the main ‘Sale In Progress’ screen.
  5. Click the Tender button. You will be asked to enter your authorisation code:
  6. Enter your code and click the Authorise button. You will be asked to confirm the refund:
  7. IRP EPOS Confirm Refund screen
  8. (Optional) Enter any notes that are relevant to the refund.
  9. Select a method for refunding the cost of the item: Card, Credit Note or Cash. The Credit Note option creates a voucher for the amount the customer is being refunded.
  10. You can then print the refund details. The options you have are printing a:
    • Customer copy
    • Retailer copy
    • Credit note (if you have chosen this method for the refund)
    IRP EPOS Refund Complete screen
  11. Enter the customer’s email address and select one of the following options:
    • Email receipt
    • Add to mailing list and email receipt
    • Add to mailing list
    This is a great opportunity to add an email address to your mailing list. You can follow up with the customer, offer them a special offer or voucher, send them your newsletter, and so forth. See the Email Campaigns help topic for more suggestions.
  12. If necessary at a later date, you can search for the refund by using the Refund ID as the IRP Order ID on the Sales Lookup tab.
  13. Click the Start a New Sale button to return to the main Sales screen.

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