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Mobile Detection Strings

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You can find this section under Server Management > Mobile Detection Strings in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use the Mobile Detection Strings section to view, edit or delete detection strings. This feature enhances the IRP’s ability to identify mobile device types. This information is primarily of use to development and support staff as many of the details are quite technical. However the data can be useful to other suitably-skilled staff examining, for example, customer orders.

You can see at a glance several details about each Mobile Detection String, including the device type (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.), the regular expression used to test the device’s user agent string against, and the entry type of the device (tablet, phone, browser, operating system, utilities).

Here is an example of what the screen could look like:

Mobile Detection String main screen

You can use the search feature to search for any detection string. If you expand Other Options under the Search bar, you can filter your results by detection type (tablet, phone, browser, operating system, utilities).

The screen shows the following details for each detection string:

  • ID: This is the IRP database ID associated with a detection string.
  • Entry Type: This is the category of device: tablet, phone, browser, operating system or utilities.
  • Device Type: This is the precise make of device, for example iPhone, Blackberry, etc.
  • Regular Expression: The regular expression is what the detection module will test the User Agent string of the device against to see if it is a match for whatever you are trying to detect. For example, if you were trying to detect an operating system for any iOS device, you could use a regular expression such as “iPhone|iOS|iPad|iPod”.
  • Delete: If you want to delete a detection string, check the Delete box beside it, then click the Delete Selected Strings button.

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