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Monthly Statistics

The ‘Enter Costs’ functionality (IRPStatistics.aspx) is available here and can also be accessed from the Orders Tracking > Traffic Sources section and by using the ‘Enter Costs’ button in the bottom nav.

For more details see How To Enter Costs.

IRP World Statistics Settings

You can configure IRP World Statistics settings by clicking the 'cog wheel' icon in the top right corner of the IRPStatistics.aspx page (also available on the KeyNotes.aspx page). This takes you to the IRPStatisticsSettings.aspx page. The 'Google Analytics Settings' are described in the Enabling Google Analytics API with IRP help topic; the other sections are as follows:

Statistics Settings Tab

  • IRP World Settings
    • IRP World Company Account ID: Your Company Account ID on the IRP World.
    • Default IRP World Shipping Country: The Default IRP World Shipping Country helps the IRP to align statistics for similar countries. For example, if your company resided in Ireland, this would be the IRP World Shipping Country ID 105. The values are stored on the IRP World and should be set by your IRP Consultant. Whilst some companies choose to split their domestic customers into regions, they should all be grouped under the one parent country by using this setting.
    You can test these settings by clicking the Test IRP World Account Validity button.
  • Other Settings
    • Statistics Auto-Calculation Period: If the 'Auto Update IRP Statistics' Common Task is enabled, this setting will determine how far back those stats are calculated from: 'Current And Last Calendar Year', 'Current Calendar Year Only' or 'Since First Order Date'.

If you make any changes to the settings, be sure to click the Update IRP Statistics Settings button.

Automation Tab

You can automate statistics by clicking the Auotmation tab and selecting to repeat on a Daily, Hourly, Weekly or other basis (Daily is generally sufficient). You can also select the time when the automation should first be run.

If you make any changes, click the Enable Automation button.

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