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Navigation – Left - Free Form

You can find this section under Interface & Design > Navigation in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

The Left Section allows you to add/edit the content that will appear in the Left Navigation section on your website. The left navigation free-form HTML content in this section will only display if Set Left Hand Navigation Display Style Application Setting is set to 6. This provides the option to create unique Left Navigation menus rather than using the auto-generated Left Navigation.

Please note, to avoid front-end styling errors, the left navigation should not exceed 160px in width.

Content Editor

The Editor window allows Plain Text and HTML content to be added to this section. Plain text can be modified/formatted by using the various controls in the editor window. HTML content will allow you to use Hyperlinks, Images and any other HTML content that can be used across the site.

Get a Link

The Link Generator can be used to add Hyperlinks to the content quickly. To use it, click on the button. It functions in the same way as the link generator mentioned in the Top Tabs section. After generating a link, you can test it by clicking the button. This will open the link in a new browser tab. Once satisfied, you can add it to the content editor automatically by clicking the button.

Add a File

You can add Files/Images to the content editor quickly by pressing the button. This opens the File Management functionality in a lightbox.

After adding an Image to the File Management Left folder, you can add it to the content by highlighting the image, copying the link and adding it to the HTML content. To do this, use the following code:

For images: <img src="InsertImageURLHere"/>

For Files: <a href="InsertFileURLHere">InsertLinkTextHere</a>

Saving Changes

Once you are happy with the content, click on the button to save it. This button must be pressed for changes to take effect. Changes will not be visible on the front end until the website is uncached in the Reload Settings section or by clicking the link in the Bottom Navigation bar of the IRP.

Note: When you click the CSS button at the top of the screen, you can select either CSS - Full Site or CSS - Mobile Site. If you select ‘Full Site’ you will be directed to the Website CSS Stylesheet page (CssStyles.aspx). If you select ‘Mobile Site’ you will be directed to the Mobile CSS Stylesheet page (CssStylesMobile.aspx).

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