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Overview (Customers)

You can find this section under Customers > Overview in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

The screen presents you with a summary of customer information:

Customer Overview screen

This is a page to review on a regular basis as it provides some of the most useful information in one place regarding your customer base. The information is grouped into the following sections:

  • General Info
    This shows the total number of customers that you have in your IRP and the percentage of those customers that are subscribed to your mailing list. This provides you with the headline figures that enable you to know at-a-glance how many customers you have. You need to increase these figures in order for your business to grow and succeed.
  • Customer Orders
    This shows the total number of repeat customers (ordered more than once), non-repeat customers (ordered once only) and non-ordering customers (registered but have never completed an order). This is important information for your digital marketing strategy. A high number of non-repeat customers could indicate that you need to put some effort into strategies for attracting those customers back to your site — perhaps using a targeted email remarketing campaign or a more general social media campaign. Likewise, if you see a high number of non-ordering customers you should examine the potential reasons why these customers have taken the step to register but then have never purchased anything. Maybe you need to look at the ease of use of your interface and your checkout process. Possibly you should examine your pricing and your policies, such as your returns policy, your terms and conditions, and so forth.
  • Customer Origins
    Assuming your default shipping country is the United Kingdom, this section shows the numbers of UK, non-UK, European and non-European customers. This is very useful to know if you are aiming to attract international sales. Whilst you want to hold on to your local customers — and increase their numbers — you also want to make sure that you are drawing in an international set of customers. These figures can help you to assess whether you need to put more effort into the translations on your website, target international sales with advertising campaigns, work on your website banners, special offers and so forth.
  • Customer Gender Breakdown
    This is a coloured pie chart showing the percentage of males versus females, or unspecified if not known. This could be useful information for you, possibly alerting you to the fact that you should target particular products at one gender versus the other, create a specific promotion or schedule an email campaign.
  • New Customer Origins Last 30 Days
    This is a coloured pie chart showing where customers have come from, if known over the last 30 days. This complements the Customer Origins section and enables you to see at-a-glance where your customers are coming from over the course of the year. Again, this information may have important implications for your international business strategy.

You can also view and edit detailed customer information by clicking the Administrate Customers button at the top of the screen. This takes you to the main Customers section.

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