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Postage Exceptions

You can find this section under Shipping > Postage Exceptions in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use this section to highlight orders that have not met the criteria set in the Shipping Rules in your IRP. For example, no rule exists for the Country, Basket Weight Total or Order Total. As no Shipping Rule can be used in these orders, the Default Shipping Cost, which is set against the Shipping Country, is used to set a fee for the postage costs.

These exceptions highlight possible holes in your Shipping Strategy which can be addressed by creating new Shipping Rules to cater for similar occurrences.

The following information is provided in each Postage Exception record:

Detail Description
Customer The name of the customer who has placed the order.
GUID Globally Unique Identifier. A unique identifier for the customer which is stored in a cookie on the customer’s computer.
Country The country to which the order will be shipped.
Weight The combined Weight Total of all products contained in the order.
Basket Value The combined Basket Total for all products contained in the order.
Default Shipping Cost The Default Shipping Cost value assigned to this country. This is the value that has been charged to ship this order.
Notes Provides information on the default shipping cost, if one is set against the country, which has been applied to the order.
Date The Date when the Postage Exception was raised.

You have two options after reviewing a Shipping Exception:

  1. Resolve: You can resolve the exception by creating a new Shipping Rule to ensure that the Exception does not occur again. Once complete, check the Resolved box and click
  2. Delete: If the Exception cannot be resolved, or does not require resolution, you can delete it by checking the Delete box and clicking

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