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Product Groups

How Tos (3)

You can find this section under Products > Product Groups in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

Product Groups allow you to group products together that fall under the same parent group. You can link similar products in groups, for example, tractor and car parts that belong to a particular make or model of tractor or car.

Site visitors use the ‘Fast Find’ user control to access the Product Groups on the front end of your website (you can modify this using Small Translation ID 1704). To make use of the user control, you need to enable the Enable Product Groups Application Setting (located in the ‘Navigation - Left’ section). You can also find this in the Product Settings section of IRP Admin.

The user control provides two drop-down selection lists that will appear at the top of the left navigation bar on the front end. The first drop-down control lists all Product Parent Groups. When a visitor makes a selection, the second drop-down control is populated with all Product Groups in the selected Product Parent Group:

Product Group User Control on front end

When the selections are made (either the Product Super Group alone, or the Product Super Group and Product Group together), the visitor should then click the Go button. They will then be redirected to the SearchResults.aspx page.

The SearchResults.aspx page will show all models in the selected Product Super Group or Product Group. The title of the page includes the Product Group name or the Product Super Group name, depending upon the selections that the visitor has made.

The ‘Fast Find’ menu also appears on your mobile site. To see this, first expand the menu icon on your mobile site:

IRP Mobile Site menu icon

Then click the ‘Fast Find’ option:

IRP Mobile Site Fast Find option

You will then see the Super Group and Sub Group drop-down menus displayed for you to search:

IRP Mobile Site Super Group search

The search results are then displayed on the MobileSearchResults.aspx screen in the same way as they are on the desktop site. The following example has one model only as a simple example:

IRP Mobile Site Super Group search results screen

How To Guides (3)

To add or edit a Product Sub Group, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Products > Product Groups in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.
  2. To add a Sub Group click the   button at the top of the screen.
  3. To edit a Sub Group, click the button beside the sub group that you want to edit.
  4. Fill in the following details:

    Setting Required Description
    Active sub groups will be selectable on the front end of the website under the second dropdown box illustrated on the previous page. Inactive groups will not be displayed on the front end.
    Group Name This is the translatable name for the Sub Group.
    SEO Page Title
    The SEO page title for the Sub Group.
    SEO Page Description
    The SEO page description for the Sub Group.
  5. When you have entered the information, click the Insert Sub Group button or the Update Sub Group button.

Related Application Settings

Enable Product Groups
Set this to true to enable the addition of Product Groups and Product Sub Groups against a Model from the Models Edit Admin page.

Once Product Groups have been set up, they will be available for selection from the Left Nav Product Groups menu.

Please refer to the IRP Knowledge Base article on Product Groups for further information on this functionality.

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