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Questions & Answers

You can find this section under Questions & Answers in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

Visitors to your site have the ability to ask questions about models. They can also view previous questions and answers, either in their own language or in all languages that have been used. They do this by clicking the ‘Ask A Question’ link on the models page. For example:

Ask a question button

These questions will appear in the IRP for you to answer. When you have answered the question, you can post the question and answer on the website and also email the visitor who asked the question.

IRP Admin users will be alerted to new questions in the Alerts bar at the top of the page:

IRP Admin image

When you click on the 'Question' section of the alert menu you are taken to the main Questions.aspx screen under Questions & Answers in the IRP Admin left navigation menu. Here is an example screen:

IRP Admin image

The following fields are displayed:

  • ID: This is the unique IRP identifier for the question.
  • Active: Active questions will appear to the customer on the front end of the website. Inactive questions will not be visible. If you make a change here, make sure that you click the Update All Questions button.
  • Image: If an image is available, it is shown here.
  • Model: This is the IRP model that the question relates to.
  • Price: This is the price of the item that the question relates to.
  • Question and Answer: This shows the text of the question and, if written yet, the response.
  • Date: This shows the date when the question was asked.
  • Lang: This shows the language that the question is written in.
  • Delete: If you want to delete a question, check the Delete box, then click Delete Selected Questions.

You can use the Search bar to find any question that has been asked. If you expand Other Options under the bar you can filter by Active, Inactive or both. You can also filter by Answered, Unanswered or both.

If you want to edit or reply to a question, click the Edit / Reply button. For details, see the How To Respond To Questions article in this section.

Application Settings

The following Application Settings are available for the Questions And Answers functionality (located within the grouping called 'Reviews & Questions'):

  • Enable Question And Answers: If enabled, a Questions and Answers panel will appear on the models page allowing customers to ask questions about models.
  • Question And Answers Set Minimum Model Price: The minimum price that a model must be before a question can be asked about it through the Questions and Answers functionality.

How To Guides (1)

How To Respond To Questions
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