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You can find this section under Reviews in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

Reviews will come to represent a very important part of any website. You can use the IRP to display reviews on product pages. You can also send out reminders to encourage customers to review their purchases.

Important: You need to manage the Reviews section of the IRP on a daily basis so as to avoid abuse towards your company or a particular product.

Online reviews have gained in importance. Customers see these as a genuine appraisal of a product, in contrast to an advertisement. An online review may cement a customer’s decision to buy, or indeed provoke them to ask a question regarding the model.

Reviews that have been created by customers on the front end of your website are not visible until you approve them. You can also approve reviews in bulk.

Customers first have the opportunity to review a product on the product page. There is a section called ‘Reviews’ below the product information and if no reviews have yet been written for the product, customers will see the following prompt:

Be the first to write a Review screen

When they click the Write a Review button they are presented with the following screen:

Write a Review screen

This is where they can select the number of stars for a product, optionally provide their name and then enter a title and the main review comments. When they click the Submit button they will see the following acknowledgement:

Review acknowledgement screen

You will then see the review in IRP Admin on the Reviews.aspx page:

IRP Admin image

Pending reviews are also displayed on the Alerts bar in the top navigation of your IRP Admin:

IRP Admin image

From the Reviews.aspx page you can read and approve or archive the reviews. For details see the How To Approve Reviews article in this section. If you approve the review then it will appear on the product page as follows:

Review on product page

Note that the review title is not displayed on the front end, only the main review comments.

Your internal teams can also write reviews about your products. In addition, you can rate all reviews from 1 star (very poor) to 5 stars (very good).

You can let visitors and customers see reviews in all languages by enabling the Application Setting Display Other Language Reviews (in the 'Reviews & Questions' grouping). When this is enabled, the models page and full reviews will restrict the reviews on show to those in the customer's language, regardless of whether there are any others – except if there are no reviews in that language, in which case the full reviews page will show all reviews regardless of language.

There are other Application Settings you can use. The following ones are in the 'Reviews & Questions' grouping:

  • Review Score Optimum Minimum Length: The minimum length a Review should be if it is to receive a positive score.
  • Review Score Weighting Length: The weighting a Reviews length gets when calculating its score.
  • Review Score Weighting Star Rating: The weighting a Reviews rating gets when calculating its score.
  • Set Minimum Rating Value For Lists: The Minimum Review Rating a model must have for its Review stars to display on a Product List. This applies to Home Pages, Email Product lists and Product Listing pages.
  • Set Number Of Reviews To Show On Models Page: The number of Approved Reviews to show on the models page.
  • Show Greyed Out Stars In Reviews: If enabled, greyed-out stars will appear to emphasise that a Review is out of 5 stars.

The following one is in the 'Emails' grouping:

  • Maximum Number Of Business Days After Order To Send Review Emails: The maximum number of days from an order was placed to when it is dispatched before a Trustpilot Review Email is stopped from being sent. This will mean that orders that take a longer than normal time to complete will not attract negative Reviews.

The following one is in the 'Product Listing' grouping:

  • Show Rating In Data List: This determines whether the Review Rating should be displayed on Product Data Lists, both on Gallery and List views.

Small Translations

Small Translation 2680 is displayed anywhere that reviews are rendered on both desktop and mobile to show the average rating for the model. The English default version is {0} out of 5 stars (where the individual score replaces the {0}).

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