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Shipping Zones

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You can find this section under Shipping > Shipping Zones in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use Shipping Zones to collect Shipping Countries into groups, which are then used in Shipping Rules. Shipping Zones must contain one or more countries, which are usually grouped by region. These are typically defined by couriers in order to set shipping prices for countries within a certain geographical area. When you are organising shipping with a courier, the courier should provide you with a list of costs and weight ranges for either individual countries or a group of countries.

For example, Parcelforce group countries/regions as follows:

  • Zone 1: England, Wales, Scotland (Excluding Highlands)
  • Zone 2: Scottish Highlands and Islands
  • Zone 3: Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly
  • Zone 4: Channel Islands
  • Zone 5: Republic of Ireland
  • Zone 6: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
  • Zone 7: France, Germany, Denmark
  • Zone 8: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece
  • Zone 9: Rest of Europe
  • Zone 10: USA, Canada
  • Zone 11: Far East, Australasia
  • Zone 12: Rest of the World

To use all of these Parcelforce services, you would create a separate Shipping Zone for each region and add the corresponding countries to each one. For example, Zone 6 would contain the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, Zone 11 would contain each country in the Far East and Australasia regions and so forth. The courier should be able to provide an exact list of the countries that belong to each Zone.

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