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Size Charts

How Tos (1)

You can find this section under Products > Size Charts in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

You use this section to add new size charts, preview size charts and edit existing ones.

Size charts display manufacturers’ sizing for certain products, most notably clothing. You can create size charts using HTML in the IRP Admin, as in the following example:

Chest size - inches Galvin Green Size European Size UK Size
36 XS 46 XS
38 S 48 S
40 M 50 M
42 L 52 L
44 XL 54 XL
46 XXL 56 XXL
48 3XL 58 3XL
50 4XL 60 4XL

You create size charts at a brand and category level. Charts will be displayed on the website below the model description on the Model page:

Size Charts displayed on Models page

The main SizeCharts.aspx screen appears as follows:

Size Charts mian screen in Admin

The following details are shown:

  • ID: The unique ID of the Size Chart. This is added automatically by the IRP.
  • Active: Only active Size Charts will be visible on the front end.
  • Brand: The Brand associated with the Size Chart.
  • Category: The Category associated with the Size Chart.
  • Notes: Any Admin notes entered by Admin Users will be shown here.

You can also use the Preview button to see what a Size Chart will look like on the front end and the Edit button to make changes to existing Size Charts. For more details see the How To Add or Edit a Size Chart article later in this section.

Note: Size charts will be displayed on the Models page on the front end of your website only if you have enabled the Show Size Chart On Models Page Application Setting.

How To Guides (1)

To add or edit a size chart, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Products > Size Charts in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.
  2. To add a new size chart, click the Add New Size Chart button 
  3. To edit an existing size chart, click the   button beside the size chart that you want to edit.
  4. Fill in the required details for the chart:

    Setting Required Description
    Size Chart ID This is the unique IRP identifier for the size chart. This is added automatically.
    Active Active Size Charts will be visible on the website front end while inactive Size Charts will not.
    Brand Specify whether this size chart corresponds to a specific brand.
    Category Specify whether this size chart corresponds to a specific category.
    Content Enter the HTML content for this size chart. You can translate into other languages. You can also add files you have saved elsewhere by clicking the Upload Files button.
    Add any Admin Notes for the size chart.
  5. When you have entered or edited all of the required details, click the Insert Size Chart button or the Update Size Chart button.
  6. If you want, you can check how the size chart will look on the front end by clicking the Preview button. If you are ready for the size chart to be displayed, make sure that you have enabled the Show Size Chart On Models Page Application Setting.
  7. If you want to remove a size chart, click the Delete Size Chart button.

FAQs (2)

Is there a way to draw tables within the size chart options?
Not using the rich text editor unfortunately, however you could use basic text, employ HTML knowledge to create a table, include an image from a manufacturer or get a designer to design a table.

When I switch to the Size Chart tab from the Description tab then back again, why does the Description tab not show the description?
It could be that you have copied and pasted the description for the product from the source code of another product. If so, the system-rendered HTML might reference CSS classes that are causing the issue, for example a class might be controlling show/hide settings. When you have corrected the HTML, the Description tab should function as expected.

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