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Note: TradeTalk is not currently in use. You should NOT enable TradeTalk on your system.

You can find this section under Marketplaces > TradeTalk in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.

TradeTalk is an online marketplace developed by IRP Commerce. It gives IRP customers the ability to list their products on the site.

When orders are placed on TradeTalk they will then be downloaded into the IRP to be processed as normal.

TradeTalk is not compulsory for all IRP customers but can be a good supplement to increase sales.

TradeTalk is enabled in the Marketplace Application Settings and can be managed in the IRP Admin.

TradeTalk Copier

TradeTalk Copier gives you the ability to copy images to TradeTalk of products created less than X amount of days ago.

To do this, go to Marketplaces in the IRP Admin left navigation menu. Then select the amount of days in the box below and press the Copy Images button. To copy all your images, enter 0 in the input box.

Copy Images to TradeTalk setting

How To Guides (4)

How To Update TradeTalk Product Item IDs

To perform the updates described in this section, the products need to be downloaded from TradeTalk to the IRP.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Marketplaces > TradeTalk in the IRP Admin left navigation menu.
  2. Expand the Update Product Item IDs section.
  3. Click the Download button to download the current products from TradeTalk.
  4. Click the Stage button to stage the data and prepare it for import.
  5. Click the Import button to import the data into the IRP.

Once the data has been downloaded, refer to the remaining How To articles below.

How To Update TradeTalk Prices
How To Update TradeTalk Product Data
How To Update TradeTalk Product Info

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