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Note: These videos are intended only to provide a general overview of each area. Currently the videos are not maintained in line with each software release and therefore the features in IRP Admin may work slightly differently from the way they are shown in the videos, some settings may be missing or have different names, and so forth.

Shipping Zones
You use Shipping Zones to collect Shipping Countries into groups, which are then used in Shipping Rules.
Shipping Rules
You use Shipping Rules to define the prices and apply any cost and weight restrictions to the Shipping Zones and Shipping Methods that you have created in your IRP.
Shipping Restrictions
You use this section to restrict the delivery of particular brands or categories to customers in specific countries.
Shipping Methods
Shipping Methods are the services that you will use to ship products to your customers. You can set up Shipping Methods for all services provided by any courier.
Shipping Countries
You use the Shipping Countries section to add and edit Shipping settings for countries.
Postage Exceptions
You use this section to highlight orders that have not met the criteria set in the Shipping Rules in your IRP.
IRP Admin Top Navigation and Alerts Menu
The top navigation contains several elements that help you easily locate important areas of IRP Admin.
IRP Admin Bottom Navigation Bar
The bottom navigation contains several elements that help you easily locate important areas of IRP Admin.
Models are the products that you will sell on your website. You can add as many products as you like using IRP Admin.
You can use Kits to create Product Packages, incorporating multiple products into a single model.
Before adding any Models to your site, you must first create the Categories and Brands to which they will belong.
Before adding any Models to your site, you must first create the Categories and Brands to which they will belong.
You use this section to define the attributes that can be assigned to products on your website.
Managing Orders
Here you can view Order details for all Orders contained within your IRP.
Auto Dispatch Orders
Auto Dispatch allows clients to Automatically Dispatch orders using the Royal Mail and Parcelforce integrations within the IRP.
Auto Approve Criteria
The Auto Approve Criteria feature aims to speed up the initial stages of Order Processing by allowing you to define a list of Criteria that all New Orders can be checked against.
Ad-Hoc Labels
You use the Ad-Hoc Shipping Labels section to create Shipping Labels for any situation other than orders.
Translation Categories
You use this section to categorise translations into groups based on their content and location on the site.
String Replace
You use this section to replace a certain string with another.
Stock Translations
Stock translations are translations that are applicable at a stock level. These translations include sizes and colours.
System Emails
You use this section to create and edit system-generated emails. These emails are sent out automatically by the system at specific times.
Import Reviews
You use this section to import product reviews in bulk to the IRP. This is a useful feature in IRP as it allows you to import large numbers of reviews effortlessly.
Export Data
You use this section to export data from a selected export table. You can export from most of the tables in IRP Admin, using several different formats.
Catalogue Profiles
If you send out product catalogues to customers, you can use the Catalogue Profiles section to create and update the profiles to which customers can subscribe to receive catalogues in the future.
Contact Us Questions
You use this section to create specific Contact Us Questions. This allows you to customise and tailor the fields for input values.
Customer Contacts
When a customer uses the 'Contact Us Question' functionality, it creates a Customer Contact within your IRP.
Customer Mailing Lists
The Mailing List section displays all customers that are signed up to any Email Profile and/or Catalogue Profile in your IRP.
Mobile Product Listing Pages
IRP Interface Project - This screencast showcases the rich feature set and customisation options of the new IRP Mobile Product Listings.
Category Translations
Translate Category page information into multiple languages.
Brand Translations
Translate Brand page information into multiple languages.
Model Translations
Translate Model page information into multiple languages.
Large Translations
Learn how to update large English and foreign language texts on your IRP.
Small Translations
Learn how to update English and foreign language text snippets on your IRP
Custom Content Pages
Use Custom Content Pages to design and optimise bespoke HTML pages for domestic and international visitors on mobile, tablet and desktop
Import Products
How to bulk import products into the IRP platform.
Bulk Updates
Learn how to use IRP bulk updates to filter and adjust core ecommerce data.
Customers Overview
Find core customer data in the Customers Overview section of the IRP Admin
Manage customer records in the IRP Admin
IRP v5 Overview
A video presentation overview of the key features included in the IRP v5 Release, October 2017.
Admin Users
Learn how to add and edit Admin Users on the IRP.
Admin User Groups
Learn how to use and set up Admin User Groups on the IRP.
Promotions and Email Campaigns
Learn how to adjust prices, manually or in bulk and via promotions on the IRP. Market your sales and promotions via the IRP Email Marketing suite.
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