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Translation Summaries

When you click the top-level heading for Interface Translations, the first page you will see is the TranslationsSummary.aspx page. Here you can see at a glance the key information for your translations in the IRP:

Translation Summaries page

The main grid shows the following information for each type of translation for each of the languages you are using in your system:

  • Type: This is the type of translation — here are some examples of what you might see in this column:
    • Small Translations
    • Large Translations
    • Category Names
    • Category Descriptions
    • Category Short Descriptions
    • Model Descriptions
    • Brand Descriptions
    • Stock Options
  • Total: This is the total number of each type of translation that exists in your system.
  • Missing Count: This is the total number of English descriptions that are missing translations.
  • Missing %: This is the missing translations expressed as a percentage of the total number of translations in the system.

At the right side of each row you can see the option to add or edit translations by clicking the Translate button. In addition, at the top of the page you will see two buttons:

  • Reload the Translations: After making changes to Small Translations, or adding new ones, it is a good idea to reload them into memory by clicking the 'Reload Translations' button at the top of the screen.
  • Translation Options: Click this button to select the area of translations to work on — this is an alternative to finding the sections in the left navigation menu:
    Translation Options drop-down menu

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