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Good UX leads to good business

IRP Commerce Invests in New UX Division

IRP Commerce has invested heavily in user experience by creating a new UX division within the company.
03 July 2019 - 5 min read

User Experience or 'UX' is a competitive differentiator and has a direct impact on conversion and therefore the bottom line. With this in mind, IRP Commerce has invested heavily in this area by creating a UX division within the company.

The head of this newly-created division is Dermott McElhone, who brings more than 20 years of experience to the role. Dermott has worked for one of Europe's first UX consultancies and was instrumental in the development of UX solutions for some of the world's largest companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, Citibank, Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines, Lufthansa Group, Air China, Philippine Airlines, First Data and JetBlue.

Dermott will be applying his breadth of knowledge to support IRP customers and ultimately their end users.

Dermott said: “Good UX leads to good business. A significant number of online customers are less likely to return to a site if they have a bad experience. I plan to use my experience to reduce this risk and ultimately support IRP users by identifying what they want and improving the overall customer journey. I am looking forward to working with IRP users to improve the overall experience for them and their end users.”

The benefits of great UX

Having great UX has several beneficial impacts on the online experience:

  • It puts the user at the centre of the online experience.
  • It removes hurdles that prevent customers purchasing.
  • It means that no time and money is wasted developing the wrong solution.
  • It increases conversion rates and customer lifetime values (CLVs).

What a dedicated UX division within IRP Commerce means for IRP users

We see this process very much as a partnership:

  • We will work with IRP users to identify and understand the different types of customer that purchase their products.
  • We will observe how people use products and we will use that feedback to create better experiences on the IRP platform.
  • We will test, review and retest to ensure that we improve the overall IRP user experience.
  • We know that happy customers value products and services and will continue to return to purchase – this is what we will work toward for IRP users.
  • We will apply this strategy to the design of future IRP products, including the IRP Trading Terminal.

Dan Loughlin, CEO of IRP Commerce, commented: “We have been looking for the right person to bring UX thinking to the centre of our product and we are delighted that someone with Dermott's experience has joined the company to lead this new division. He shares our vision of making the IRP the platform of choice for profit-focused organisations – with UX at the core of everything we do.”

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